Thursday, March 27, 2014

Elyona's Creative Mind

Photo: Ayaw pa matulog....
"Yan pondohan mo ng may pakinabang sa'yo."

Photo: Ang title daw nito: "Boom Panis" artwork by Elyona Jean Ymas

Summer Time and The Hectic Days

At least I was able to have some bonding time with my kids....Today is Mam Ananta's birthday celebration at JMJ resort in Brgy. Platero, BiƱan, Laguna. Been here with previous facepainting event and it was such a cozy being near our place. We really had some fun.... and drinking. 

I may not be able to blog for a couple of days...we are into the busiest part of my art campaign...first March 29-30 I'm going with 4S in Tali, Batangas at Doc Lago's resort for an on-the-spot. 

Then the much await Art 55 Exhibit in Cabanatuan from April 4-11...hoping all these event will soon bring some good news to me. Popularity isn't really an issue for me now...just to have my own corner in the art world is enough for me...or at least be able to sustain this passion. Gonna make my mother and family proud of me. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reinventing My Presentation

I've just realized something...after I've seen some of the flaws on my work that most of my Realization pieces had no volume. To achieve this illusion I think I will have to employ darker backdrop. Leaving out too many wide area of light or dark spaces makes it too childish. I   believe it would be more appealing and mysterious at the same if I applied classical touch. Or is it?

   March 22 face-paint event in Pacita Astrodome was a big surprise. It was an induction program of a company plus family day....the children's line is nearly endless. Hey they should have hired at least 3 artist for these...but anyway, in spite of it all, I was able to satisfy nearly all the kids. The organizer for this event is Noemi, gotta remember her. 

Then since I was already there I Visited old friend's house in Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna....Obet, a friend back there in Pasay many to talk about. 

Photo: Ang mga Batang Lakan

Friday, March 21, 2014

Moment Draft #4


Yesterday, I've said I dedicate it on reading and feeding my soul....but did I really ? Need to be humbled more for Christ's sake.

   Itching instead for an artwork I started another piece, a reaction from the video I shared on this blog yesterday. The Secret of Drawing. 

   To be lined up with popular artist is something I think I'm not that ready yet. Would I be intimidated? 

   Sometimes lessons doesn't make sense at first what I simply do is capture these moment, feelings, and experiences into bits and fragmented thoughts.Life is a complex process and I always consider coincidences as divine intervention.

Let me see if I will truly have a new apprentice...I haven't got one at the moment and I believe, every artist should have that outlet for the cycle of life to flourish. The candidate for my student is Airam Lebar Etnegap Odarpec and you know young people like to reverse their names. 

   And I changed my profile again today March 21...

 I used to think the world existed because of me.  Now I realized it will go on even without me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moment Draft #3 The Secret of Drawing

Nude painting session should never be a peep show...the model doesn't really matter but this is all about each and every artist present. Freeing our inhibitions, understanding our limitations and controlling our fear is the very purpose of this activity. -- FMY

Photo: Nude painting session should never be a peep show...the model doesn't really matter but this is all about each and every artist present.  Freeing our inhibitions, understanding our limitations and  controlling our fear is the very purpose of this activity. -- FMY

Today I think I would prefer to nourish my mind than paint. What really is happening in our consciousness.

 I need to sharpen my pencil...I've exhausted my mind and body these past days creating artworks... it's about time to read and feed my soul.

Paintings and drawings are the visual translation of the rational mind. 

Photo: Read more quotes  at <3
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Research shows that every lines and brushstrokes an artist made is similar to solving huge problems. A non-artist would show only these behavior when they are in difficult situations. 
Now you know why you should never disturb an artist at work.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moment Draft #2

Photo: Horse's Eye
18 X 12"
Acrylic on WC Paper
Horse's Eye 2
Acrylic on wcp
12 X 18

 I had to create something for the exhibit that will attract the populace...something that will sell. That's a sad story for me, because there are things I love to paint but must sometimes restrain myself for marketable reasons...perhaps one day, I will have the freedom and that option to fully express myself.

I wish I have all the time in the world to paint what I love....

but realities dictates what the market want to see.

   Now I don't know about that lady why she have to grandstand in such trivial matters. Simply ignore.

   Oh wow, probably the nude I posted yesterday caught enough attention for another portrait commission to a beautiful lady in Japan. We just had a chat yesternight and she was truly interested. 

   Just change my profile March 17....


   and Just bought another stretcher for canvas at the scrap-wood store in Canlalay again, and I must be really lucky and the heavens is working on my side...I found a fully made fine condition canvas with a painting on it...must be made by a student for an additional 10 pesos for the two stretcher worth 50. All I have to do is cover it......perhaps I can still make one or two additional work for the exhibit.

By the way, a moment draft can turn into something...a full article. Since I believe that nothing happened by chance. Every human event in life exist because of choice.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Moment Draft #1

I was thinking maybe I should make this journal more intra-personal instead. I'm having trouble organizing my thoughts in concise manner...the usual me in random thoughts. Instead of trying to figure out what to write, I will just write what comes to mind...on moment by moment basis. I think that would be more honest than summarizing my not so glamorous life. Who would be interested in a struggling artist's life anyway?

 One thing more, I was thinking of re-visiting and updating previous blog here. Some might give me the idea to re-write important but forgotten details. Plus I would probably re-copy some of my Facebook thoughts. I sometimes act as a Philosopher and had written many great food for thoughts and this could mean writing in Filipino too. Some of my most popular quotes can't be express properly in foreign dialects.
Eh paano hindi titigas ang ulo ng mga bata ngayon;
puro infant formula ang pina-iinom. Matigas kaya ang ulo ng Baka.
Try mo magpa-suwag!

March 17...Above pix was painted in disappointment, my latest self-portrait. 
Ang tagal lumambot...ngawit na kamay ko sa pag-hagod.
Oh! Hwag malikot ang isip. Terminolohiya po yan ng mga pintor

Sunday, March 16, 2014

As We Walk in Life

The common sentiments in using oil-base paint is its drying in this area I would prefer acrylic but in terms of workability and shimmer it is still the choice material. While waiting for the 3rd major piece to dry that I will show in Cabanatuan....I made some sideline pieces...some turns out to be sentimental.

   My Art walk with Elyona (March 13) at Ayala Center in Makati was fruitful...the next day she immediately gathered her friends and organize an art workshop. Here are the results....


   I feel depress this whole day (March 17) and was simply ignoring the updates and results of the contest in 4S. Anyway, ahead of the scheduled announcement I already knew that master JJ won the Eurasian Beauty MC. I already gave my work to sir Pops as a gift...upon his request for Gloria as bonus. No hard feelings. Well, of course it hurts knowing my piece should have won...and I don't want to elaborate more....and further this day, which I have later discovered that a 2nd choice was added... it was Maryrose's piece........

   The incapacity to give...and I was deeply wounded when I can't give any financial support to my nanay. She is yet to be proud of me. We will see...I pray. 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Ocular at Cabanatuan and Aurora

"Carry yourself in such a way that when people are sitting, you would be STANDING; and when they are standing, you will STAND OUT; and when they stand out, you'll be OUTSTANDING; and whey they dare to be OUTSTANDING, you will be their STANDARD."

It was one of the best travel escapade that I ever had...everything seems to be surreal...the mountains and the seas...Finally a close encounter with Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines and the view of the Pacific.

Crashing waves of Pacific ocean engulfing the coastal area of Dingalan, Aurora. On our way to Fred's Farm.

With Joselito Jimenez and Vince Roque we were invited by Architect Fredi Agunoy to conduct an ocular inspection of his function hall that he will convert into a gallery in Cabanatuan City. This is the big event that I've been telling you lately. 

The Apartelle in front of the Gallery with master JJ.

The entrance to the hall where our upcoming art show will materialize.

Sir Fredi discussing his plans as we share ideas. 

Glory to God that I was able to put up and organized an exhibit. Luckily God had made His way thru the person of Fredi Agunoy. Fredi had so many great plans for the future of arts in his hometown. As an awardee for his achievement in Architecture I strongly believe in his capacity to pull everything in his financial capabilities and generosity.