Behind Realizationism

What is Realizationism Art?

   First of all this art-form is a process achieved through experiential approach that deals with general issues of life and our existence as a human that seeks a divine purpose. Although basically The Art of Realizationism expresses itself with visual expressions it does not limit itself on any painting style nor methodologies and at a larger scope embraces all aspect of our life
   The process of learning and unlearning is vital in this art experience...and the artist/author therefore consider these as his Lifetime Thesis. Merging Self-evaluation and Artistic Expressions to create a relationship between the artist and his works. 
   Realizationism as an art experience extends to the spiritual level of awakening and consider Coincidence as an important tool in creating art-pieces. These coincidences which the creator prefer to call as Divine Intervention are utilized as symbols to represents experiences and therefore at the end of the day, are reflections of our inner and outer being.

   Coined form the word realization (to realized; to rethink) and as an ART concept; therefore, a work that resulted from (or out of) experiential understanding of the inner-self and with certain aim also to make its viewer realized the essence or purpose of that understanding....and become applicable principle to all concerns. 

The importance of a Visual Manuscripts
   Being an experiential approach in creating artwork it proves to be very difficult to contain all these experiences in single frame, That is why the artist suggest that we start a journal for this process. Here is where we record all feelings and truthful renditions of our personal beliefs and experiences. On the artist case most of these experiences (including emotions) are rendered as images or visual symbolism...including also memorabilia's and anything that he feels relevant or affecting him personally.
   Fher Ymas' uses his visual manuscripts as the artwork in itself...and yet sometimes translate this understanding into an individual work to summarized the realizations. At the time of this writing he is currently exploring 8 visual diaries as a constellations of his multi-faceted interest.


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    Before any of you accused The Art of Realizationism of merely repackaging secular Positivism, and therefore it is another New Age Thinking, I would like to apologized if you have drawn some similarities from it to false gospels, BUT if you take a closer examinations it is a personal process of unlearning and learning that reflect on Divine I've said it is my laboratory of experience, and therefore not to be taken as an absolute truth. It is my journal and personal reflections...not necessarily true but just a reflection of myself. It is an experiential approach and not trying to alter the Scriptures in whatsoever way.As a matter of fact, I consider it as my lifetime thesis...and may not even come to a conclusion at all...Fher Ymas



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