Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Foolsihness of the World

I will tell you something Children of God, whenever you Learn or Discovcer something (because knowledge HAS increase) ask your conscience "Where is God on these?"
If it draws you closer to God, cling to are IN the Kingdom of God.
For Atheist, stay where you will recognize God during this Tribulation times because Religion has Not clouded your delusion.
The Saints will complain "Why those who discover God last has became first?"
I can't tell you the exact reason why God decided so but here was a verse that I have sculpted in my heart many years ago...
"Beware, lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the TRADITION of men, after the RUDIMENTS of the world,
and NOT after Christ...." Colossian 2:8 
Here's a clue: Remove ALL the EDUCATION you have gathered from the World, in all these years especially the Google knowledges, the Wikipedia definitions, and the Cyber gospels and simply follow your Heart, because God has not left you know what is Right and Wrong. Where is your heart? In your COMMON SENSE....
Enjoy the world. Welcome to your Life...there's no turning back... 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Up The Notches, Revert, and Collective Manifest


I've announced recently that I will create more quality art pieces, adding more value also as a person. The advises of Masters were now sinking on my veins. To focus.... despite all the vanities that there is in this world, we still have to be honest within our selves that we did all thing with love and passion. I no longer worry myself of being known, popular, or even dream of great wealth...those were bonus that I would gladly welcome but I have set them aside  

Finally I was able to catalog nearly all my important paper pieces. I have realized that I wasn't that good in canvas than on paper.... Well, that what I did the whole day today, clearing my area and reaffirming my worth as an artist....a person of value. Great value. 
These past days I've been sentimentally nostalgic and often times melancholic thinking of the inevitable end of everything. Since Nick had died, there are plenty of things that went flickering on my consciousness ....the suddenness of everything. It is how we treat others that will matter most when we get there in front of our creator.
   As of now I have listed 149 artworks, some of the major ones are not yet in. I have to recall them especially those that are outside. 

There is a possibility that an Artist will render your portrait for have to prove you are WORTHY. And here are the Qualities: You are worthy of attention, focus, dedication, attention, passion, time and effort....if not, then let the money do the talking. :D
...and you can calculate the value of the commission that way too. 

I'm into a series I coined as "Collective Manifest" which was those torn and crumpled paper which basically feature the texture or patterns of nature. I will talk more on this later...hopefully...


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Last Hurray Will Never Be Clear

These past days I really been wanting to visit Nick, after I've heard that he was already bedridden and it was his birthday last Oct 11.... I know the burden that he had been keeping for many years now, he was thin to the bone and depression and anxiety was eating him so bad. 
Nicasio Samonte breath his last Earthly life on Oct 16.... 
He still had so many hopes and dreams, so many plans actually but we were limited by time to talk about it. He was the first childhood buddy that we ever lost in this lifetime...which brings me to the reality an inevitable end of this physical body of mine....will there be eternity? 


Kaya naman pala sabi mo, dalasan ko ang pagpasyal sayo kapag nagawi ako ng Pasay... Nung nakaraang luwas ko dyan, Pre, Pina-kanta mo pa nga sakin yung kanta na hindi natin mahulaan ang title noon....
...ito ulit ang request mo...
Remember that piano
So delightful unusual
That classic sensation
Sentimental confusion

Used to say
I like Chopin
Love me now and again

Rainy days never say goodbye
To desire when we are together
Rainy days growing in your eyes
Tell me where's my way

Imagine your face
In a sunshine reflection
A vision of blue skies
Forever distractions

Used to say
I like Chopin
Love me now and again

Rainy days never say goodbye
To desire when we are together
Rainy days growing in your eyes
Tell me where's my way ♪ ♪♫

Tama ka dapat Rainy Days ang title nito..tignan mo umuulan sa araw ng iyong paglisan.
Paalam Kaibigan Nicasio Samonte <3 span="">
Makakapagpahinga kana, wala ng kirot, at hindi ka na mag aalala pa.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Art Walk

Once again it is a good reminder to put this on the tablet of your heart to have as much friends as you can.... it's good to see Sir Pops once again...Omer,   has his vacation for awhile from abroad as a Seafarer , so we made some tour in and out to some of the art scenes in the Metro. With Marko..... and I had the chance to revisit Manila Art in SM Aura. Luckily I had the chance to have a photo opp with GMA 7 teen star Bianca Umali. 

Here we go, before we go to Taguig we ate some Japanese dish somewhere in Brgy. San Antonio, Makati near Pops place...which by the way he will vacate in a month's time. So he is planning an event on 4S headquarter one last time this October 23.

2nd time around, and the last day of Manila Art. 

Marko Bello's masterpiece...
And here are some of my choices once again...



"Just Add Water" at The Podium, Mandaluyong City.... 

Be Seen in The Art Scene


Tell them Planet Earth is 4.5 Billion years old and they will believe you. Tell them your painting is STILL WET and they will move closer to touch it just to be sure. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

A VIP Night for Manila Art 2016

Where a struggling artist like me able to mingle with the Elite of the Philippine was indeed an experience and opportunity to know how things work inside the art scene...the deals... and meeting great artist or the who's who.

 and I thank Dr. Jocelyn for inviting me. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Art, The Language of Emotions

My mentor, Arnel Agawin....

You have to LEARN the language of Art...through your FEELINGS...not in words but by conversations of EMOTIONS. 
That's how I approach Art like a Living Soul....for truly Great emotions were POURED to create one. -- Fher Mission Ymas 

Waiting for that one Giant opportunity....The BIG break, so to speak! It could materialized any moment or expect something from a futile effort. I need a unified response to both situation. I have to recreate or create a thought patterns that wont leave me off guard. 
   I now move on my own extravagant vanities that may imperil my relationship with other people especially my family. 
   I'm getting older....
   I've poured too much emotions love and passions in my art, even prioritized it more than my love ones. I cried.... for my children.... hoping that my art could support them too. 

   Got my Ticket to Manila Art 2016.....Yessss!!!! Just being there, on this very Private event only for the elite, so they say.... I was invited by the way by Dr. Jocelyn Josefa is good to have connections and just being there on this prestigious event could boost the vanity meter. More so if I'm a participating artist...maybe next year. 

   Could have been the best President we never had....Meriam Defensor-Santiago. I like her no matter what they say. But it wasn't like that during the first time she ran for president. You just have to understand people to appreciate their worth. 

Visited Trans-Wing Gallery to watch fellow artist during their still-life sessions or just to be there and have an appearance in the art scenes.

Remember that, no matter where you go....
There you are! 

Which Denomination is Right?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

LAST 10 minutes of your Life is

Whether you believe in God or not, All the things that will ENTER your mind during the LAST 10 minutes of your Life is the True meaning of Life. 

"Is there Life after death?"

"Have I given enough Love to everyone, especially my family?"
"Am I going to heaven?"
Because All of us, I believe will have DOUBT about the Life we HAD lived during those Last moment. Everything will be about the REAL things we CARE about....our SELF and those we LOVE.
Everything will be about Loving yourself and others....(even if you don't believe in God) because during that last 10 minutes you aren't even sure you will be Resurrected. 
Pause and Think on those for a moment.
That is exactly the Meaning of the 11th Commandment of Christ, . that WE SHOULD LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE HAS LOVE US. It was the most PERFECT DEPARTURE order from Jesus Himself before He was crucified. 
There will be NO room for your mind to think about Success and Failures.You will not think about your Religion or non-religion.You will Never Think about "How successful you are", "How many Goals have you reach"... Those Last Moment will be about Loving fact, God's judgment will not even require you to believe in Him during that final moment....
All He will ask (condemnation that will occur during death)...The one question is "How was your RELATIONSHIP with others?" 
By the way, those were the questioned that I have in mind during my Near-Death Experiences.....Glory to God.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I can not just Fade into Nothing

I will continue....for what? Strange isn't it that I was somehow popular among artisan but virtually unknown in the art scene? It was probably my ranting and real talk....beside being truly talented. Without malice I can truly say that I am a raw talent....that has evolve in a very short span of time. 
   Filled with so many expectations....enormous amount of faith without a single drop of doubt but then I'm still a failure. 
   Today I've felt really consumed...all the vices that had crept in my systems are paying off....and slowly I can feel my decay....the pain and symptoms are becoming more intensified. 
   As much as I am developing to a true Sensei which upgraded in terms of visual impact, I can not create with ease anymore....since I'm already experiencing various signs of mismanaged aging. 
   Not now because it is too soon  to leave my children....I can not leave them without the assurance that they will survive. 
   The end of the World is already here...the process is already functioning.... 

   Elijah want to pursue College.....and I feel incompetent, coward, irresponsible, and selfish for not being able to provide very swiftly....again, if only those bad luck didn't come so very often as it if heaven has shut its door for me. "You can not be too happy in this life"
   Zander by the way, told me that he is now working as construction worker. 
Even small tourney were obviously I've done better piece and yet it was beaten by lesser rendition. Now you know you can not be a rebel....
   I can not connect my thought...I'm dizzy and tired and yet must reserve my energy for another event tomorrow in Lipa City.
   God give me strength and enlightenment...always need your support. Send me league of Angels to minister to me. 
   I must continue the mission... as I was thinking now of removing that Mission on my middle name. 

Zander, my son's artwork