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"After years of self-searching and coincidental discoveries Realizationism Art emerges to gave new meaning in my life not just as a visual artist but as a human being that seeks a divine purpose..."
Recently, I've just label myself FherMission, and that was taken from my nickname and middle name which incidentally connote the "mission" that I have aim for, and that is to share the enlightenment. This lifetime thesis evolve not just around my artwork but in human relation itself. This is to acknowledge the giver of this core gift and my mantras is "Commit thy thoughts unto The Lord and thy thoughts shall be established"--Proverbs 16:3
Join me in this quest to a more meaningful appreciation of Art and Life.

Fernando Mission Ymas is the man behind the painting style he coined as Realizationism. Kuya Fher as he is better known by his colleague at Philippine Normal College took up Bachelor in Elem. Education wherein he was chosen to represent the school for a 1985 visual art workshop at Cultural Center of the Philippines under the curator Rey Albano and National Artist for Music Lucrecia Kasilag.
   Upon finishing that summer workshop he immediately organized SAPIN--SAmahan ng mga PIntor sa Normal in 1986 and became its founding Chairman. A campus-artist guild where he conducted and share his knowledge in watercolor with informal lessons and mini-art workshops. While he was at the same time exploring his interest in arts and self-searching for a personal style, he expounded on the infant concept of Realizationism Art, which he first labelled as Gospel Art (1985). 
   During his years at PNC he was able to put up 2 group exhibits that showcases the talent of SAPIN members. Mostly are members of various campus organizations even rival political parties, that he was able to join together in an academy where there are no direct relation in fine arts. He also became a Publicity Chairman of CELEC-College Electoral Committee for 3 years.

   He left PNC in 1988 and worked invarious kind of job. He became a waiter; handpaint artist for garment; artist designer in an export handicraft company; illustrator for comics; workshop assistant for Tax Studies and Research Center where he get to travel the whole country; also at Executive Manpower Dev't Inc and; Executive On-line Management Services, where he develop his early concept of Realizationism.

Some of my on process Visual journal, my lifetime thesis
   Realizationism came one night from a debilitating experience around the early part of 1995. The pain was so enourmous that he locked himself in his room for many days with minimal food intake but just drown himself in paintings and making entry on his visual journal. (see inset left middle) That isolation open his eyes into a "realization" from trusting in the name of Jesus Christ to carry him in during his darkess hour.
   In 2006 as an Administrative Supervisor under PRMC in Print Town -- Philippine Daily Inquirer, the largest newspaper circulation in the land he was able to utilized a new avenue for his creative expression using the worldwide web to promote his artistry. Thus, among his many undertaking open up this site to promote Realizationism. Now thru varied networking via internet he was able to create an art group once again that eventually sprout into the most promising Artist Community in called as Tagged ArtLover Gallery.....where a profile gallery was build to unite all artist under one site.

   In 2008 he gave up a life as an employee to set up a small business and of course to have more time in his artistry and creative writing. 
  Now The Operation Manager of Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society since November of 2014.

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