Moment Draft #4


Yesterday, I've said I dedicate it on reading and feeding my soul....but did I really ? Need to be humbled more for Christ's sake.

   Itching instead for an artwork I started another piece, a reaction from the video I shared on this blog yesterday. The Secret of Drawing. 

   To be lined up with popular artist is something I think I'm not that ready yet. Would I be intimidated? 

   Sometimes lessons doesn't make sense at first what I simply do is capture these moment, feelings, and experiences into bits and fragmented thoughts.Life is a complex process and I always consider coincidences as divine intervention.

Let me see if I will truly have a new apprentice...I haven't got one at the moment and I believe, every artist should have that outlet for the cycle of life to flourish. The candidate for my student is Airam Lebar Etnegap Odarpec and you know young people like to reverse their names. 

   And I changed my profile again today March 21...

 I used to think the world existed because of me.  Now I realized it will go on even without me.


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