Reinventing My Presentation

I've just realized something...after I've seen some of the flaws on my work that most of my Realization pieces had no volume. To achieve this illusion I think I will have to employ darker backdrop. Leaving out too many wide area of light or dark spaces makes it too childish. I   believe it would be more appealing and mysterious at the same if I applied classical touch. Or is it?

   March 22 face-paint event in Pacita Astrodome was a big surprise. It was an induction program of a company plus family day....the children's line is nearly endless. Hey they should have hired at least 3 artist for these...but anyway, in spite of it all, I was able to satisfy nearly all the kids. The organizer for this event is Noemi, gotta remember her. 

Then since I was already there I Visited old friend's house in Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna....Obet, a friend back there in Pasay many to talk about. 

Photo: Ang mga Batang Lakan


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