The Heart that Appreciates

When we were younger as little boys and girls, our parents always encourages us to say “thank you” whenever someone give us a gift, or treats, or returning the item we borrowed. As we grow a little older we acquire the habit to show appreciation when some one gave us favor like sharing seats, finishing errands for you, or simply being there beside you during heartaches.
   A thankful heart, why is that important?
   Most people may have not realized that when we say thank you or show appreciations we are sending “love” energies and thus revitalizing the recipient. The simple principle of give and take is a natural cycle in our planet. The cycle of life, food web, symbiosis, mass equal the force, and so on...lead me to the understanding that what ever you sow that you shall reap. Eastern religion calls it Karma, or as Jesus put it "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them" Matthew 7:12
by Mari Sterling Wilbur
   Similar spiritual activity that I recommend is our Appreciation of beauty. Focusing on nature as God’s masterpieces is one manner of sending our appreciations of God’s creation…therefore it is a form of worship too.
     Further is appreciation even on common or an attractive object or scenario…This we shall further explore on coming articles.
   When we spend great deal of time appreciating beauty we are aligning ourselves with the universe. When we are more aware of spiritual (beauty) things that surround us the easier it is for blessings to travels back to you.

Reaching your wishes
   Imagine your wish is a visible item…over there in the horizon. Abstract things like peace, friendship, career, or love can be imagine as a living entity. So you place that wish somewhere there…Far enough but not too distant for you to reach. You can also place that prayer request (wishes) inside a box (make it an existing reality and it’s advisable to add specific detail you prefer); or you can create a whole environment and place your dream at the end of a hall way…the length of the alley depending on you.
   If it is “family relationship” put that image inside a box…
   If it is a “brand new car” put that car at the end of the hallway…
   Now slowly open the box, you can make specific image of a key if you like, your imagination is what counts…then twist the key, you’ve heard clicking sounds…then you slowly open the key…there you should be seeing your wish…don’t be shy, go pick it up…cherish it for a couple of minute at the palm of your hand…try to remember the varied degree of feelings while the object is at your hand. Then claim that wish…becomes your own…becoming part of you and therefore you become one…then relax…thank God. See yourself thanking and appreciating God. Imagine that feeling of gratitude bathing you…soothing you…filling you…it becomes the air you breathe. Be generous in praising the source. Remember that God is a Spirit; you don’t have to draw a portrait of Him. Imagine how you would worship a King, your creator…flourish in His presence. Hold that feeling of beauty…
   Slowly return to your current being still holding beauty…is there any changes in your emotion? Honestly assess how you feel.

   The above exercise is just a pattern, you can re-invent or add some process whatever you like (like adding some music) just don’t forget to hold the feeling of beauty, of being thankful, and being thankful again and again.

   I'll let you hold to this feeling first and form the habit until it became natural like breathing...before I introduce further appreciations...


  1. I believe too that a grateful heart brings forth the best in a person....

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  3. So true...I write things down too, my wishes that I don´t always want to share with the rest of the world. Some day I would like to revisit them and see how many of those things God gave me..I think He will give me much more than what I was asking for :)

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