Sunday, March 16, 2014

As We Walk in Life

The common sentiments in using oil-base paint is its drying in this area I would prefer acrylic but in terms of workability and shimmer it is still the choice material. While waiting for the 3rd major piece to dry that I will show in Cabanatuan....I made some sideline pieces...some turns out to be sentimental.

   My Art walk with Elyona (March 13) at Ayala Center in Makati was fruitful...the next day she immediately gathered her friends and organize an art workshop. Here are the results....


   I feel depress this whole day (March 17) and was simply ignoring the updates and results of the contest in 4S. Anyway, ahead of the scheduled announcement I already knew that master JJ won the Eurasian Beauty MC. I already gave my work to sir Pops as a gift...upon his request for Gloria as bonus. No hard feelings. Well, of course it hurts knowing my piece should have won...and I don't want to elaborate more....and further this day, which I have later discovered that a 2nd choice was added... it was Maryrose's piece........

   The incapacity to give...and I was deeply wounded when I can't give any financial support to my nanay. She is yet to be proud of me. We will see...I pray. 


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