Moment Draft #1

I was thinking maybe I should make this journal more intra-personal instead. I'm having trouble organizing my thoughts in concise manner...the usual me in random thoughts. Instead of trying to figure out what to write, I will just write what comes to mind...on moment by moment basis. I think that would be more honest than summarizing my not so glamorous life. Who would be interested in a struggling artist's life anyway?

 One thing more, I was thinking of re-visiting and updating previous blog here. Some might give me the idea to re-write important but forgotten details. Plus I would probably re-copy some of my Facebook thoughts. I sometimes act as a Philosopher and had written many great food for thoughts and this could mean writing in Filipino too. Some of my most popular quotes can't be express properly in foreign dialects.
Eh paano hindi titigas ang ulo ng mga bata ngayon;
puro infant formula ang pina-iinom. Matigas kaya ang ulo ng Baka.
Try mo magpa-suwag!

March 17...Above pix was painted in disappointment, my latest self-portrait. 
Ang tagal lumambot...ngawit na kamay ko sa pag-hagod.
Oh! Hwag malikot ang isip. Terminolohiya po yan ng mga pintor


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