The Ocular at Cabanatuan and Aurora

"Carry yourself in such a way that when people are sitting, you would be STANDING; and when they are standing, you will STAND OUT; and when they stand out, you'll be OUTSTANDING; and whey they dare to be OUTSTANDING, you will be their STANDARD."

It was one of the best travel escapade that I ever had...everything seems to be surreal...the mountains and the seas...Finally a close encounter with Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines and the view of the Pacific.

Crashing waves of Pacific ocean engulfing the coastal area of Dingalan, Aurora. On our way to Fred's Farm.

With Joselito Jimenez and Vince Roque we were invited by Architect Fredi Agunoy to conduct an ocular inspection of his function hall that he will convert into a gallery in Cabanatuan City. This is the big event that I've been telling you lately. 

The Apartelle in front of the Gallery with master JJ.

The entrance to the hall where our upcoming art show will materialize.

Sir Fredi discussing his plans as we share ideas. 

Glory to God that I was able to put up and organized an exhibit. Luckily God had made His way thru the person of Fredi Agunoy. Fredi had so many great plans for the future of arts in his hometown. As an awardee for his achievement in Architecture I strongly believe in his capacity to pull everything in his financial capabilities and generosity. 


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