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Care Because it is Heavenly

Care because it is a "Heavenly" thing. When you say heavenly it means eternal. 
Worldly things lost its value as you receive more and more of it. Like when you're hungry...the first food that enters your mouth means so much. After so-many bites, the food become less meaningful. The same goes to wealth. When a poor man receives a thousand pesos it means so much to him but to a Rich man it means little.  That is what Economist called The Law of Diminishing returns. Meaning that anything you receive in this world will mean much to you when you first receive it, but as you continue to receive more and more of the same, it will satisfy you less and less.... But Care or Caring is not like will always feel the same. Care does not diminish its value. The Law of Diminishing return does not apply to Caring.  So when you say you don't care to means you don't care about Heavenly things.....
After 29 years finally I've met the genius in our class Teach…

About The Vanity of the Artsy Planet

To always stay connected to joy...but then there will always be setback, nothing comes worry even worry about losing the one you love. 

Looking around and having met various artist....I've seen how empty and sometimes pointless flattery have eaten the artist's crowd. It is show business and nothing else. Rarely do you hear real message of true love....only passion about nothings. Names are bought and like prostitutions in its finer forms.... selling once self for fame and fortune. We don't see Art. We don't care about messages. We care about Vanities. True indeed that Wisdoms comes with age. Read again: An Important Lesson an Artist Must Learn.  Even though I've started labeling myself as a Freelance Full-time artist just recently, I'm here on this planet perhaps long enough to know the difference between Right and Wrong. I'm not New in the Art industry, in fact the first exhibition that I've join was no other than The Cultural center of the Phi…

An Important Lesson An Artist Must Learn

This lesson are not just for artists by the way...
LISTEN!!!! This is going to be the Most IMPORTANT Sharing you will ever hear from your Tatay, actually from the gurus all over the world. 
Spend a great deal of Time and Effort increasing your Value as a Person not just as an Artist.  I can paint, he can paint, she can paint, also a Million others can paint. So what is your odd that you get an artwork SOLD? You against Million. Sounds bad right? ☺  I am sure you can surpass The works of Amorsolo but you are Not Amorsolo! Do you get the gist of what I am trying to share? People love to invest on people...not on Art. Art is VANITY and vanity simply means "Nothing" is you who is more important; the Artist not the Artwork.  Do you recall who are your first Client? Friends and Relatives right! Because they KNOW you as a Person. They don't care about me, they will care for you....they will consider your artwork first before they took mine.  You can do somersault, shed blood…

Let Me Love You

Artist are Lovers. We Love to share the beauty of our discoveries. We let you visit our innermost thoughts. We give our Hearts to you freely...  Artist need an outlet to express themselves in various form...They need an avenue to speak what's on their mind or they will burst. They Love So Much, they Care so much...and are passionate in what they do.... You don't need to Agree all the time....all we care about is that you Listen to what we are trying to share.So give an Artist a chance to Love you. 
♫ Now I understand, what you're trying to say to you suffered for your sanity...and how you tried to set them free... But they could not love you...But still your Love was true... and when No hope was left in sight on that Starry Starry night... You took your Life as Lovers often do... But I could have told you Vincent,  this WORLD WAS NEVER MEANT FOR ONE AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU..... ♪
I am so thankful for all the Blessings that coming my way....  above are two portraits com…

Artist Conference and SketchPod 2 Exhibit

Packed with fruitful events these past days....First there was this 1st Artist Conference by Freedom Art Society held at Antipolo City in Marbella Palace resort. July 18-19, 2016. From Biñan I leave at exactly 6 AM and reach the venue by 10AM. Rex Beo talk focus on art preservations, but only partial of the tips I've heard because he was already up-front talking when I arrived. Fidel Sarmineto deals about different styles and Philippine Art History. Then Tina Balajadia discusses the legalism on Art trades which I've skipped... what I've really enjoyed and took into my heart was the speech of Gallerist Mark Shellshear....very uplifting and an eye-opener. 
Needed this break too and thanks for the swimming pool I was able to do a few stroke...oh my lungs isn't that good anymore. 

Then the SketchPod 2 at Arte Pintura Gallery follows the next day (July 19) opening 6PM I have to wait 'coz we were dismissed around 11Am from Marbella resort...this I took the chance to walk a…

Finally A new Project

A post birthday gift.... of a sort for me, and it even comprise of great promises ahead for my future. I really need a steady flow of income via my commissions and sold outwork. This project with Madam Coleman will open up windows for an international clientèle. 
That is why I am giving my best in this work. In fact, I have come to the realization that I'm still underdeveloped as a portraitist from my early pieces. This time I am truly amaze at my very own work....this piece I could say, is indeed a Masterpiece and a milestone for me....commanding higher price for my portrait was something to be celebrated. All Glory back to God. My understanding of the impressionist brush-strokes has truly blossoms into an own style.  At this stage of the said portrait, Catherine has already given me a hats-off. 
   But it doesn't come without great challenges..

This is first, the largest so far at 2 by 3 feet portrait commissions....and it is challenging in many is the small and poor …

Keep it Simple

Overwhelmed and unexpected....I didn't realized I was these loved by my friends. Perhaps I've already earn enough respect among my fellow but at times I feel I don't deserve all the praises...I'm just a nobody. 
Am I acting and thinking as a Master Artist should be? I don't want to get all of these over my head but there was advises that if i want to reach places I better act according to what I wish....perhaps it is inevitable indeed that I must embrace a sort of popularity if I want to get there. I often times feel guilty whenever I was in a state of material gain....

I really didn't intend to celebrate my birthday yesterday...I don't want stresses and besides I am saving my bucks for important events coming up. I also have some commissions that needed finances. Gina gave me 2K as birthday gift and that adds up to the bank. But I was just wondering that perhaps I am not living very simple or living to necessities only but over spending....

Once again....the …

All Faith under One God

TO ALL OF MANKIND: defend yourselves; and return to the One God of Adam, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham! God states, in His final Scripture, that any Jew who "truly" follows the Torah can go to Heaven. God states that any Christian who "truly" follows the Gospel can go to Heaven. Likewise with any Muslim and any other person who "truly" follows that Scripture which was sent to them. (God names these others in His final Scripture.) It is quite possible that God sent various, but adequate, Truths to various peoples: knowing that this world would eventually become a very small place, as it is today. Knowing "all," God also knew that "the entirety" of His Scriptures would be readily available to this latter generation also. God is this perfect! God has seen to it that only one decision is required on our part, for us to find His Truth. That one decision is for us to "merely have the desire" to find our One Eternal God. He h…

Rolling Strokes

Draft Title: Crumpled Smoker
11" X 8" oil on paper
status: finishing touches

Random, Spontaneous, and sometimes Senseless attention to unnecessary details ...those are basically the character of my art works. I was always on the look out to explore and challenge myself to go further than my previous work. 
I love to reinvent still-life and merge it with logic.

How could I missed the rolling-circular strokes that I've been taught back in those days at Marvee Garment and even also at Pacific decor? It was all really the stroke I needed.... to blend much closer hyper-realism. 

The Book of Life

God has always lead me to the seems I was always destined for these....or probably ALL of us only that I was so aware of never quenching thirst for wisdom and understanding. It was as always, the usual casual cyber browsing when I chance upon another website which speaks of a very simple but startling truth and the obviousness of easy to get Wisdom, only if we act and think as a Child. The author simply identify himself as jpw, often times even in small letters.  Here is the site: Welcome
It doesn't really spoke about something New or strange but the obvious....the too easy things that we tend to forgot. The foolish thing of the world to compound the wise.  He was right on target...No religion, no knowledge, can really save is after all, at the end of all of these that we alone shall face the throne of God one be judge. We shall all be judge on judgement day. 
Well, mankind does not decide who goes to Heaven:  only…