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God has always lead me to the seems I was always destined for these....or probably ALL of us only that I was so aware of never quenching thirst for wisdom and understanding. It was as always, the usual casual cyber browsing when I chance upon another website which speaks of a very simple but startling truth and the obviousness of easy to get Wisdom, only if we act and think as a Child. The author simply identify himself as jpw, often times even in small letters. 
Here is the site:

It doesn't really spoke about something New or strange but the obvious....the too easy things that we tend to forgot. The foolish thing of the world to compound the wise. 
He was right on target...No religion, no knowledge, can really save is after all, at the end of all of these that we alone shall face the throne of God one be judge. We shall all be judge on judgement day. 

Well, mankind does not decide who goes to Heaven:  only God decides this!  The real truth?  Only YOU control THE LIFE you choose to live here on this earth:  no person, no government, nor any other force of mankind can make you change the course you choose through this life.

And though I have all the wisdom and knowledge or understanding of all boils don't to a certain point...that it is My LIFE which matter to God when it comes to my Final TEST. 

And so for now, once again I am on refreshing mode, reading once again to examine myself or my faith or my Living days. I would probably sharing bits of this info on this Blog as I go bear with me.

I am connected to my Art...and so my Life....and my life is always towards to learning the truth about God...and now, the simple truth that it is not the "whims" of any person that can save book...but my self alone....and it shall be judge according to what I have DONE. 
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; -- 1 Cor. 1:27

Let me reflect...

You will find here (and in all of God's Truths) that any person, anywhere in this world, can do just fine in God's Eyes:  regardless of their faith, creed, personal beliefs, or even the complete lack of the aforementioned!  All of this shall be proved by your own Scripture (whoever you are)!  Remember this and be patient with God:  His Truths shall find a home in your heart (because they shall come from your own Scripture). 



  1. Hello Fher. I read your comments from July 6 regarding my website. Good words. Very good words. You actually took some of my words and made them much better than mine. Just wanted you to know that you are a very understanding person and I can see much good in what you write elsewhere on your blog. Magandang hapon. Ako aye may kaibigan sa Passig City. I have forgotten most of my Tagalog. It has been so many years and I am old so I have a LOT of years. jpw


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