Keep it Simple

Overwhelmed and unexpected....I didn't realized I was these loved by my friends. Perhaps I've already earn enough respect among my fellow but at times I feel I don't deserve all the praises...I'm just a nobody. 
Am I acting and thinking as a Master Artist should be? I don't want to get all of these over my head but there was advises that if i want to reach places I better act according to what I wish....perhaps it is inevitable indeed that I must embrace a sort of popularity if I want to get there. I often times feel guilty whenever I was in a state of material gain....

I really didn't intend to celebrate my birthday yesterday...I don't want stresses and besides I am saving my bucks for important events coming up. I also have some commissions that needed finances. Gina gave me 2K as birthday gift and that adds up to the bank. But I was just wondering that perhaps I am not living very simple or living to necessities only but over spending....

Once again....the greetings on my FB page came rushing unlike last year were I am barely known. 

It is perhaps, what the gurus are trying to say, that I must open up my thoughts on accepting what I want to be. It is unavoidable.... as I am already steering up the Art scene quite a bit...

There is life in balance. The bounty can only be appreciated by those who can give generously.   



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