Care Because it is Heavenly

Care because it is a "Heavenly" thing. When you say heavenly it means eternal. 

Worldly things lost its value as you receive more and more of it. Like when you're hungry...the first food that enters your mouth means so much. After so-many bites, the food become less meaningful. The same goes to wealth. When a poor man receives a thousand pesos it means so much to him but to a Rich man it means little. 
That is what Economist called The Law of Diminishing returns. Meaning that anything you receive in this world will mean much to you when you first receive it, but as you continue to receive more and more of the same, it will satisfy you less and less....
But Care or Caring is not like will always feel the same. Care does not diminish its value. The Law of Diminishing return does not apply to Caring. 
So when you say you don't care to means you don't care about Heavenly things.....

After 29 years finally I've met the genius in our class Teacher Ana Taco-Maloa.... she actually didn't change that much. Still funny, talkative....and it was her who commissioned me for the above coffee painting for her sister's wedding anniversary. Brings back good old days...and teachers life.


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