An Important Lesson An Artist Must Learn

This lesson are not just for artists by the way...
LISTEN!!!! This is going to be the Most IMPORTANT Sharing you will ever hear from your Tatay, actually from the gurus all over the world. 

Spend a great deal of Time and Effort increasing your Value as a Person not just as an Artist. 
I can paint, he can paint, she can paint, also a Million others can paint. So what is your odd that you get an artwork SOLD? You against Million. Sounds bad right? ☺ 
I am sure you can surpass The works of Amorsolo but you are Not Amorsolo! Do you get the gist of what I am trying to share? People love to invest on people...not on Art. Art is VANITY and vanity simply means "Nothing" is you who is more important; the Artist not the Artwork. 
Do you recall who are your first Client? Friends and Relatives right! Because they KNOW you as a Person. They don't care about me, they will care for you....they will consider your artwork first before they took mine. 
You can do somersault, shed blood, or sky diving while painting...BUT people or collector doesn't care about that. 
Read More on Self-improvement while at the same time honing your craft. Build friendships....don't, ah No NEVER ever break TRUST...and Be genuine as a Person. Your Art will follow.
I'm a Struggling artist too...and lately, I've reconsidered these Lesson...and I guess somehow, I'm harvesting some good results lately. 
Master these in your heart and mind...and you don't need anymore Tip from me.

Correcting is Love...and that's what Young people must realized very early on their life. Never resist an older person's advise....Wisdom always comes with age. 
But kids like to try for themselves...learning lessons by experience isn't always favorable. Most of these lessons have enourmous "Consequences" that even if you REPENTED what you have done.; You will still have to PAY for damages for a very long time afterwards.

Don't give up! Remember there are Different strokes for different folks. There will always be someone out there who will appreciate what you are doing.
Work so very Hard and so very good, that No one can ignore you anymore.


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