All Faith under One God

TO ALL OF MANKIND: defend yourselves; and return to the One God of Adam, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham! God states, in His final Scripture, that any Jew who "truly" follows the Torah can go to Heaven. God states that any Christian who "truly" follows the Gospel can go to Heaven. Likewise with any Muslim and any other person who "truly" follows that Scripture which was sent to them. (God names these others in His final Scripture.) It is quite possible that God sent various, but adequate, Truths to various peoples: knowing that this world would eventually become a very small place, as it is today. Knowing "all," God also knew that "the entirety" of His Scriptures would be readily available to this latter generation also. God is this perfect! God has seen to it that only one decision is required on our part, for us to find His Truth. That one decision is for us to "merely have the desire" to find our One Eternal God. He has made sure that everything mankind requires to resist Satan is available to mankind! (This is how perfect God is.) Everything we require to fulfill that decision has been here for thousands of years.--jpw

Would a Supreme All-knowing God wronged, ill-treat, or misjudge anyone on Judgement day?  
Besides having Free-will, God had not left us ignorant about what right and wrong....and that is the natural gift we called Common Sense. Any normal functioning brain has innate common sense...the real 6th sense.   

You have to remember that some days are totally balanced and very low. It happens....and remember that lessons when you overspend. Having wealth can be deceiving

Save as I go....




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