Finally A new Project

A post birthday gift.... of a sort for me, and it even comprise of great promises ahead for my future. I really need a steady flow of income via my commissions and sold outwork. This project with Madam Coleman will open up windows for an international clientèle. 

That is why I am giving my best in this work. In fact, I have come to the realization that I'm still underdeveloped as a portraitist from my early pieces. This time I am truly amaze at my very own work....this piece I could say, is indeed a Masterpiece and a milestone for me....commanding higher price for my portrait was something to be celebrated.
All Glory back to God.
My understanding of the impressionist brush-strokes has truly blossoms into an own style. 
At this stage of the said portrait, Catherine has already given me a hats-off. 
   But it doesn't come without great challenges..


This is first, the largest so far at 2 by 3 feet portrait commissions....and it is challenging in many is the small and poor photo references. Another is I have to re-invent it.... dressing up my subject in their native dresses. 

By the way, I haven't really sold original concept work which means not via commissions portraits...that's on my wishlist to have my original creation bought as to truly give value of my thought as an artist or buying my creative genius which is by the way priceless. 



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