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After 7 or 8 years of seriously taking that step as a Visual Artist, I can say I am making an itsy-bitsy mark on the Art scene. This mean so much to me, that after all the frustrations I am still being heard and finding my voice on this jungle that I've chose to stay.  February celebrate's Art month.... I don't feel moving further....not involving myself whatsoever on any direction to join the bandwagon of arts. I've seen enough of it.... I want a new dimension for my life...for my Art. 
I just want to paint for share isn't even a priority for now. I just want to be left alone. To move away...
And yet here's this printed work on a magazine. That's it. It is just what? I know how it felt to be cheered. I don't even care about those praises. I had been almost everywhere. I need nothing out of art..except the need to get over for the next day...just to have enough materials to paint,,,,and to be able to support my family. 


My Angel Encounter

I'll tell you a true story of my encounter with an Angel. You heard it right, I've met a lot of them....and this time he was in human form.  I'm going to tell this as short as I can and go directly to the encounter itself. One night my co-workers and I met a motor accident...three of us on a two wheeler motorbike, it happened so fast that we hardly knew why we glide in the air, something just hit us or we hit something lying on the road... none of us was really badly hurt except that we had wounds and scracthes because we slide on the asphalt road between 5-10 meters away from the point of impact. I thought all of us were okay, so we resume riding but my friend has to stop because he notice something was wrong on the front wheel.  Then I've felt there is something sticky on my face down to my mouth, I wiped it and it was was bleeding nostril was oozing with's not stoping. My shirt was drench down to my pants...I remember my nose hit…


A subconscious peacefulness should be happening during the process of creating an artwork...that's how we must focus. I took a pause whenever that feeling of blissfulness turns into an unfathomable lonesomeness. Like a tear from an explosions of extreme happiness... sometimes it became too serene my mind wanders, jumping from one emotion into is inevitable to feel LONELY when you are being one with yourself. 
I simply let the FEELING settles on my heart. I never ignore an emotion that is trying to capture my continue working would be a waste of energy and you'll only run around in circle this way. A waste of resources too. 
Take some time to reflect....even God himself rested on the 7th day after creation. 
"....and God saw that it was good." ( I'm hibernating for awhile so you haven't seen me very active lately.....but very much into my art as usual. A glimpse of my latest work-in-progress )

Do You Still Want to be an Artist?

Are you really SURE you want to be an Artist? 
You CAN NOT be an artist if you do not know how to dance with LONELINESS....a creative process triggers our SENSITIVITY...that tranquilizer effect slows down the heartbeat so that we can listen to our brain more clearly.... a feeling of helplessness draw us closer to our inner self....searching for answers OUTSIDE THE BOX means we are entering a realm outside the NORMAL is an alien feeling... the only possible reaction any human can come up at this moment is DEPRESSION and FEAR, the mimicking of being deprive, left-out, hated, uncertainty, alone, among others are simultaneously occuring in a Creative mind... 
ARTIST BLOCK happens and must happen so that we can re-enter again that Moment of HELPLESSNESS, of being useless, of being unimportant, of being uncreative.... and by allowing these feeling to happen we can TRIGGER once again our Survival Instinct..... to be CREATIVE or else die out as a purposeless soul. 
And besides …
work-in-progress Don't punish yourself trying hard to be original...
Just be yourself and always respect those above and under you.
"Commit your work unto The LORD
and your thoughts shall be established." -- Proverbs 16:3

It's good that I have better signal now....I can log on this site again. Too much politics we had in here so we can not hope for better internet experience. Well, anyway that gave me sometime to renovate my work-space....

Last Monday's session at ArtKai Gallery.... 

Is there really art in nudity? Everything is all in the mindset...for me I have overcome these peril on my eyes.... all was purity in the art. I don't know about the others. 

The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork. -- Psalm 19:1

Not a 24/7 Artist

I no longer had a  little boy but a young man in Elijah and I must admit that reality that he will soon be on his own... can not push my choices on him. He is right now on his stage of new exploration...wandering and trying crazy stuff....hormonal changes....  God, time move so little girl Elyona too is starting to act an adult....but still very much boyish and more incline to masculine things. But I know she's not a tomboy... she just have this rebel type of personality. 

I'm not an Artist most of the time.... I spend most of my time managing the house since Bella's the one who had a regular job. Although I've often neglect these house chores or at least gave mandate to my kids to do them.... they just don't obey very easily but still I can say they are pretty much normal and not real threat to mankind.  I'm trying to balance their experience of youth...they are learning the art quite well unlike me who stayed indoor most of the time when I was young.…