Do You Still Want to be an Artist?

Are you really SURE you want to be an Artist? 

You CAN NOT be an artist if you do not know how to dance with LONELINESS....a creative process triggers our SENSITIVITY...that tranquilizer effect slows down the heartbeat so that we can listen to our brain more clearly.... a feeling of helplessness draw us closer to our inner self....searching for answers OUTSIDE THE BOX means we are entering a realm outside the NORMAL is an alien feeling... the only possible reaction any human can come up at this moment is DEPRESSION and FEAR, the mimicking of being deprive, left-out, hated, uncertainty, alone, among others are simultaneously occuring in a Creative mind... 

ARTIST BLOCK happens and must happen so that we can re-enter again that Moment of HELPLESSNESS, of being useless, of being unimportant, of being uncreative.... and by allowing these feeling to happen we can TRIGGER once again our Survival Instinct..... to be CREATIVE or else die out as a purposeless soul. 

And besides there's this REALITY of Life's challenges which includes rejection and failures that can add up to a person's frustation. Those are the things we call Spices of Life and a truly creative person can MAGNIFY these situation.

Understand the Great Power you have at your doesn't come worry-free. It's a long lonely road....are you ready for the challenges? 

Artist's are lovers...if you can not survive The path to Loneliness.... better get another job that will constantly make you Happy. -- Fher Ymas 

“The art of effective aloneness includes the understanding that solitude is necessary for the creative gain.”-- Robert Genn 

“Most progress comes out of loneliness.”-- Bruce Barton

AND so why did God design the Artist this way, always in constant struggle to overcome Depression? 

Because the ability to CREATE can boost our self-esteem and might becomes a full-blown PRIDE!


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