My Angel Encounter

I'll tell you a true story of my encounter with an Angel. You heard it right, I've met a lot of them....and this time he was in human form. 
I'm going to tell this as short as I can and go directly to the encounter itself. One night my co-workers and I met a motor accident...three of us on a two wheeler motorbike, it happened so fast that we hardly knew why we glide in the air, something just hit us or we hit something lying on the road... none of us was really badly hurt except that we had wounds and scracthes because we slide on the asphalt road between 5-10 meters away from the point of impact.
I thought all of us were okay, so we resume riding but my friend has to stop because he notice something was wrong on the front wheel. 
Then I've felt there is something sticky on my face down to my mouth, I wiped it and it was was bleeding nostril was oozing with's not stoping. My shirt was drench down to my pants...I remember my nose hit the helmet of my friend, I was in the middle... I have to supress the bleeding using my shirt...
Then came a huge man, about six feet tall, wearing a jacket and a baseball cap that I can't barely see his vision were blurry perhaps due to the amount of blood that was flowing on my face. This stranger asked what happened to us. 
Then he said "Ang daming dugo umaagos sa ilong mo, patingin nga?" (You have lots of blood flowing from your nose, can I see it?)
To my surprise he didn't just look at it but snapped the bridge of my nose that I can clearly hear the cartilege or bone ticking. Then he assured me that the bleeding will stop now and nothing serious because it was just dislocated. 
He explain that he was a Boxing coach and trainer and have seen lots of nose bleeding, he hurriedly left us, and advise us to be careful... 
It was about 2 or 3Am, he cross the street from were he came (by the way, this is at Olivarez complex, BiƱan) and I was not even able to thank him. No words came out of my mouth. I didn't realized instantly that he was an Angel..only upon reaching our house that I've realized he was God-sent. 
There are Human-Angels (human who act like angels) and Heavenly Angels ready to minister anyone. I've seen a lot of them in various instances, especially during those time of great need. 
is He a human-angel or just plain angel? I'm not really sure. 
Glory to GOD

This you must remember regarding how TRUE they are (if you are Christians... by the way, Muslims believe in Angels too) 

in Hebrews 13:2 we can read...
"Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!"


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