Not a 24/7 Artist

Image may contain: shoes I no longer had a  little boy but a young man in Elijah and I must admit that reality that he will soon be on his own... can not push my choices on him. He is right now on his stage of new exploration...wandering and trying crazy stuff....hormonal changes.... 
God, time move so little girl Elyona too is starting to act an adult....but still very much boyish and more incline to masculine things. But I know she's not a tomboy... she just have this rebel type of personality. 

I'm not an Artist most of the time.... I spend most of my time managing the house since Bella's the one who had a regular job. Although I've often neglect these house chores or at least gave mandate to my kids to do them.... they just don't obey very easily but still I can say they are pretty much normal and not real threat to mankind.  I'm trying to balance their experience of youth...they are learning the art quite well unlike me who stayed indoor most of the time when I was young. Both of my kids are sporty which I terribly failed.... and being streetwise was something that I have not mastered.... creating contacts this way was perhaps vital....not pushing them too much on getting high grades...just enough education.... at least a little security for whatever may come.  The school system is rigged by the way so i don't want them to be swallowed too deep on the hole. 

I myself was bellow average...and disinterested on acquiring medals and trophy...I just have enough Mathematics and Sciences to bring me for the next day....and besides most of the real educations that I have came from my own initiative to know. I guess this self-taught attitude ways had helped me a lot to discover Realities... and who are commanding worldly consciousness.
I am not in anyway trying to be a father to Zander, he came already formed....but thank God he function outside the fences.

Elyona was harder to tame...she is more of spirited and individualistic....the true artist among the three. She can invent things and know how to get what she want. 

God, always guide them. 

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Trying to ALTER or RE-DESIGN your partner's mindset or lifestyle is not the purpose of a creative process mistakenly labelled as jealousy..... Lovers had often misunderstood JEALOUSY as a negative feeling but actually it is a creative PROCESS so that we can think of a MORE ARTISTIC way to love our partner or else somebody MORE Loveable might come her or his way.... Jealousy is there Not to CONTROL another person but to trigger our imagination to truly LOVE. 

Loving and Caring is an Art.... and Jealousy reminds us to be more Creative. 


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