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A subconscious peacefulness should be happening during the process of creating an artwork...that's how we must focus. I took a pause whenever that feeling of blissfulness turns into an unfathomable lonesomeness. Like a tear from an explosions of extreme happiness... sometimes it became too serene my mind wanders, jumping from one emotion into another....it is inevitable to feel LONELY when you are being one with yourself. 

I simply let the FEELING settles on my heart. I never ignore an emotion that is trying to capture my attention....to continue working would be a waste of energy and you'll only run around in circle this way. A waste of resources too. 

Take some time to reflect....even God himself rested on the 7th day after creation. 

"....and God saw that it was good."
( I'm hibernating for awhile so you haven't seen me very active lately.....but very much into my art as usual. A glimpse of my latest work-in-progress )


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