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 After 7 or 8 years of seriously taking that step as a Visual Artist, I can say I am making an itsy-bitsy mark on the Art scene. This mean so much to me, that after all the frustrations I am still being heard and finding my voice on this jungle that I've chose to stay. 
February celebrate's Art month.... I don't feel moving further....not involving myself whatsoever on any direction to join the bandwagon of arts. I've seen enough of it.... I want a new dimension for my life...for my Art. 
I just want to paint for share isn't even a priority for now. I just want to be left alone. To move away...
And yet here's this printed work on a magazine. That's it. It is just what? I know how it felt to be cheered. I don't even care about those praises. I had been almost everywhere. I need nothing out of art..except the need to get over for the next day...just to have enough materials to paint,,,,and to be able to support my family. 

I used to have a vision for these artistry. It was clearer before.... 

I  thought I would really want to be famous but no, it is not what I actually need. I was just an artist...that's all I am. 

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