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Our Final Frontier

The Bible is not a collection of Status update but a Book! Come on, don't sporadically drop a verse to defend or stress your point. The essence of a Book is about its story...not on beautiful quotes. It is good to memorize verses to remind us on somethings....  but would it be a lot better if we understand the whole story? Remember, not everything written in the Bible applies to everybody....some are personal or intended on specific situation, for specific audiences, and to a specific time and place. The Bible is about Man and his or her relationship with God. I have written my relationship and story with God too, sometimes here on my status update...but obviously you are not going to quote me and make them a doctrine right? How about the Story of my life as a Christian, perhaps it is something worth mentioning right? Worth testifying? Worth sharing? I hope so...

Miss Universe 2017
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21 FAQ about Flat Earth


Stay Still

The Bible is not a collection of Status update but a Book, it is sad that some people had to divide it into two; the Old and New Testament...when in fact, it is suppose to be a Single book where one can observe the unfolding of event and story line but take note NOT chronologically, and the worst is some people have to dissect it into verses too.

Those sporadic and random quoting of verses is where most people misquoted what the author truly meant. Read it like any other ordinary book so you don't get out of context.

For me, the Scriptures is a Single book inspired by God and written by various men from different era. 

It is a Story of men and his relationship with God. Basically a Historical record. The book of Job even allow the words of the Devil to be written, so don't say outright that everything in it is The Word of God. Yes, the Devil was given a space in the book to share his thoughts and concept. Go check for yourself. 

It is inerrant but not complete. In fact there ar…

Name Recall and The Planet we Live in

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. --  1 John 4:1-5King James Version (KJV)
You'll never look at the world the same way again.... Hey! I thought these people are crazy....why on Earth would these people intentionally dumb themselves, are they really serious about these nonsense. And so I thought... 
I had some chest has become more piercing in a suspecting way... 
Flat Earth really does matter after I've carefully weigh all the evidences and Logic why it has to be reveal during the end times. Atheist are now accepting the inerrant inspiration of the Bible and therefor turning back to his or her Creator.  I know it sounds nutty but the Earth "could" be truly flat.... you can find resources on this matter, just open up your mind and forget about what you've learn in school especially in modern science. We've been dupe.... anyway, I'm not going to push y…

Our Internet Footprints

I was trying to analyze my Internet Footprints... these are the pages that you usually open, the topic you discuss, the videos you spend enormous amount of time to watch, those links can easily tell about your Personality and Lifestyle. Top of my list would be about The Bizarre, Faith, Sciences and only a fraction about Arts and very little about Movies. I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but I have never learn to swim. Hahaha. So that explain why I used to have Eight large fish tanks. Anyways, just this morning I've realized that if God would judge mankind...perhaps He would simply open The Book of Life and see our Life Footprints very easily.... in fact, with the enormous numbers of Angels watching over us, they can simply testify for or against us. So as I was saying, there are CCTV up there on the Firmament so be very careful how you deal with fellow citizen of the world.

I will always be an Amateur

So it's 2017, I'll try to update you after my long absence here.... of course I had been busy during the holiday season with my facepainting stint. I'm not sure if I will be able to load here the pictures since my PC brokedown.

Not so long ago, I had a talk with an Artist who feel frustrated and rejected.... that feeling of rejection only came after He decided to be a Professional artist. I told him "But you were so passionate when you were just a hobbyist."
That's the whole essence of being An Artist.... once you convert your PERSONAL Passion to Ambition or That inner calling to SERVE the world. You must also prepare yourself of Rejections and Trials.
So I told him "Fher, remain an Amateur in your heart."

So many things have to be written down to update you what had happened to me these past days or even months..... a lot of new realizations.... perhaps a complete turn around to how I perceive the world now. Not just a simple change of mind set.... fir…

The Foolsihness of the World

I will tell you something Children of God, whenever you Learn or Discovcer something (because knowledge HAS increase) ask your conscience "Where is God on these?" If it draws you closer to God, cling to are IN the Kingdom of God. For Atheist, stay where you will recognize God during this Tribulation times because Religion has Not clouded your delusion. The Saints will complain "Why those who discover God last has became first?" I can't tell you the exact reason why God decided so but here was a verse that I have sculpted in my heart many years ago... "Beware, lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the TRADITION of men, after the RUDIMENTS of the world, and NOT after Christ...." Colossian 2:8  Here's a clue: Remove ALL the EDUCATION you have gathered from the World, in all these years especially the Google knowledges, the Wikipedia definitions, and the Cyber gospels and simply follow your Heart, because God h…