The Foolsihness of the World

I will tell you something Children of God, whenever you Learn or Discovcer something (because knowledge HAS increase) ask your conscience "Where is God on these?"
If it draws you closer to God, cling to are IN the Kingdom of God.
For Atheist, stay where you will recognize God during this Tribulation times because Religion has Not clouded your delusion.
The Saints will complain "Why those who discover God last has became first?"
I can't tell you the exact reason why God decided so but here was a verse that I have sculpted in my heart many years ago...
"Beware, lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the TRADITION of men, after the RUDIMENTS of the world,
and NOT after Christ...." Colossian 2:8 
Here's a clue: Remove ALL the EDUCATION you have gathered from the World, in all these years especially the Google knowledges, the Wikipedia definitions, and the Cyber gospels and simply follow your Heart, because God has not left you know what is Right and Wrong. Where is your heart? In your COMMON SENSE....
Enjoy the world. Welcome to your Life...there's no turning back... 


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