Stay Still

The Bible is not a collection of Status update but a Book, it is sad that some people had to divide it into two; the Old and New Testament...when in fact, it is suppose to be a Single book where one can observe the unfolding of event and story line but take note NOT chronologically, and the worst is some people have to dissect it into verses too.

Those sporadic and random quoting of verses is where most people misquoted what the author truly meant. Read it like any other ordinary book so you don't get out of context.

For me, the Scriptures is a Single book inspired by God and written by various men from different era. 

It is a Story of men and his relationship with God. Basically a Historical record. The book of Job even allow the words of the Devil to be written, so don't say outright that everything in it is The Word of God. Yes, the Devil was given a space in the book to share his thoughts and concept. Go check for yourself. 

It is inerrant but not complete. In fact there are OTHER books outside of our modern Bible that are not included in the collections but are quoted by some of the Authors like the book of Enoch. 

Think it this way, I have my own story with my relationship with God too but obviously it wont be included in the Bible. I could write some doctrine in it, does it applies to everybody? Maybe yes and maybe no... but the point is, it is True to my experience as a God-fearing person.

Now to take a verse or a phrase and transform them into a Doctrine is something every follower must put to test. Because obviously some or should I say MOST of what was written in it isn't for everybody.

in the visible physical world, Lines and Shapes were just SUGGESTED interpretation of the brain.... but in reality, FORM were created from various degree of Lights and Shades...the common mistake of Newbie is to Look for Lines but the Trained-eyes observe Only Light and Shadows.

Our physical body can remember by way of habit what you regularly do.... I was able to bypass sketching because my hand has already installed the necessary stroke from the info given by the experiences of my eyes...teach your eyes to SEE.... that's where it must begin.

My recollection of the year that was would be late... one by one I will try but can promise all the details... somehow the need to blog again has been more meaningful and important once again....

I was thinking now, why this info is coming seems, although Flat earth is true there is also something we should be very cautions though....
Science is a false belief is a Lie.....they don't mind the minor detail that wont expose too much about God...but when it comes to thing as Big as The Flat Earth itself....they will be more than willing to destroy anyone that gets in the way. They Milk big amount of money by controlling the info...that's how the Milky Way was created. 

The Bible is not a collection of Status update but a Book! Come on, don't sporadically drop a verse to defend or stress your point.
The essence of a Book is about its story...not on beautiful quotes. It is good to memorize verses to remind us on somethings.... 
but would it be a lot better if we understand the whole story?
Remember, not everything written in the Bible applies to everybody....some are personal or intended on specific situation, for specific audiences, and to a specific time and place.
The Bible is about Man and his or her relationship with God.
I have written my relationship and story with God too, sometimes here on my status update...but obviously you are not going to quote me and make them a doctrine right?
How about the Story of my life as a Christian, perhaps it is something worth mentioning right? Worth testifying? Worth sharing? I hope so...
God bless everyone!!!

Michael Tellinger is a South African author, archeologist and politician. In 2005 he published the book Slave Species of God based on the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, which propounded an ancient astronaut theory of human origins.


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