Name Recall and The Planet we Live in

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. -- 

1 John 4:1-5King James Version (KJV)

Image may contain: 1 personYou'll never look at the world the same way again.... Hey! I thought these people are crazy....why on Earth would these people intentionally dumb themselves, are they really serious about these nonsense.
And so I thought... 

I had some chest has become more piercing in a suspecting way... 

Flat Earth really does matter after I've carefully weigh all the evidences and Logic why it has to be reveal during the end times. Atheist are now accepting the inerrant inspiration of the Bible and therefor turning back to his or her Creator. 
I know it sounds nutty but the Earth "could" be truly flat.... you can find resources on this matter, just open up your mind and forget about what you've learn in school especially in modern science. We've been dupe.... anyway, I'm not going to push you to agree on me...conspiracies or not I'm convince that it was indeed the biggest grand deception..... 
Why it 'could' be flat.... I just need a little more inspiration from the Bible.... how the issue turn out to be religious or its implication to our very existence became at stake here caught my attentions. 
When I first had a glimpse of these videos while surfing the net I simply ignore them, I thought this was way far too ridiculous that the so called Conspiracy theories ever concocted, I can believe the existence of a Group of evil people wanting to control the world but a Flat Earth?

But as days goes by, I've been seeing a growing number of these videos coming from my subscriptions (well my internet footprint has always been tuned on these area) so I can no longer bypass this one and have a look....
I know how the whole routine works.... the beat, the sound effects, the presentations of fact and fallacies, etc.... indoctrination was easy if you have no awareness of it. 
A few questions raises that got me really interested.... 1. We had no real pictures of Earth, what we are seeing coming from NASA were rendered by an Artist. 2. Gravity isn't a Law but a theory to explain away another theory. 3. Fake space explorations. 4. How the Globe earth was tied with the occult, 5. That there are many versions of the Globe that contradicts. 6. How the Earth, moon, stars behave is beyond comprehension, the speed, velocity, etc...
There are a lot of point that I've been considering, rather the Flat Earthers are more convincing than the defenses of  the Globalist. Once you think about it, the education we had about Science were more likely a Fairy Tale than true science.   
I've also check the Bible and the Holy Spirit leads me to various confirmation. Earth is a Close system, I remember, so that Fallen angels wont escape our atmosphere.... How about the Firmament, is it the same as Ether? 

At first I begun to Post questions on my Fb wall in a form of silly questioning like, why those small birds have no trouble flying contrary to the Moon orbiting us, Einstein space time fabric seems to be selective having a mind of its own to let small fishes swim while it was also strong enough to curve the ocean? 
If the Earth is then spinning then why not just let an Airplane float and wait for the destination to appear below then land. 
So who took those pictures of Milky way and other galaxies if we can't even take picture of the Globe?

When I search the scriptures, God lead me to the very first chapter, which make sense...   

And God said, Let there be firmament 'IN" the midst of the water.... Gen 1:6
Let there be lights "IN" the firmament of the heaven....Gen. 1:14
Who can number the clouds in wisdom? Or who can stay the BOTTLE of heaven? ..... Psalm 38:37

I would rather have Questions that can not be answered
Than Answers that can not be question. 

If creating artworks is No longer just a hobby to you and you've declared in your heart that you will penetrate that Art world you've been dreaming of, whether as a vocation, vision, as a profession or source of income then you MUST take Branding seriously. The imitation stage must come to an end for you or you will just be another Generic artist. 

Aim for that Name Recall every Established Artist had carved for themselves. NO!!!! Don't give too much attention to that Master Level, they were given by the public not yours to design.

Like I've always said "Work as a Master but remain an Amateur in your Heart."

Focus on things that you have the power to alter or magnify. Be Seen and Be Heard. Know who's who and learn to identify places to go. Create a body of work that will identify Ana as Ana and Pedro as Pedro. It is when they see your work they No longer need to see the signature and knew instantly that they are yours. 
This generation is so Lucky because Name Recall is easier now via the cyber space...take advantage of it. No need to tell you that it is NOT a walk in the is more often than not a very lonely and frustrating road.
By the way, it is perfectly alright to be A Generic Artists, they are as effective as the Known Brand. 
Lastly, if all else fail.... come back to me and Let's start a Frustrated Artist Guild. Hahaha!!! 
What I really mean is, Just persevere... no effort is ever wasted if it is Done in Love.
Above All, Have Faith in God.... or if you don't have, respect a Greater power than yours.

Isaiah 13:10King James Version (KJV)

10 For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.

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