I will always be an Amateur

work in progress as Collectective Manifest 4

So it's 2017, I'll try to update you after my long absence here.... of course I had been busy during the holiday season with my facepainting stint. I'm not sure if I will be able to load here the pictures since my PC brokedown.

Not so long ago, I had a talk with an Artist who feel frustrated and rejected.... that feeling of rejection only came after He decided to be a Professional artist. I told him "But you were so passionate when you were just a hobbyist."
That's the whole essence of being An Artist.... once you convert your PERSONAL Passion to Ambition or That inner calling to SERVE the world. You must also prepare yourself of Rejections and Trials.
So I told him "Fher, remain an Amateur in your heart."

So many things have to be written down to update you what had happened to me these past days or even months..... a lot of new realizations.... perhaps a complete turn around to how I perceive the world now. Not just a simple change of mind set.... first, why I have not log anything was due to the fact that my internet signal dropped for some unknown reason as December last year came... I bought a new device hoping it would solve the issue, the old Smartbro stick anyway was from antiquity...the very first plug-it internet device that came out. So I had now a Pocket Wi-Fi... but Then my keyboard gave up too...then before the new year starts the CPU bogged down.... I thought it was a simple OS problem but my technician told me it was the motherboard itself. Now that was something... so it cost me roughly Php 2K to have it fix....well it has become now an old new since the casing and other stuff was changed too...anyway, it feels like I earn just to throw them on unnecessary expenditures.

We had lots of schedule at Party Bitz the holiday season of course and now I wonder where did all the money go? I was commissined once again by Attorney L Rae. Now she has become my Christmas client. Good luck symbol to end the year....and yes I have another... a family portrait.... 4 faces another first for me... also by the way, another first ever commissioned work that I was allowed freely to explore was the "Collective Manifest 3"  it's now there in Hong Kong....

No automatic alt text available.

Speaking of series work I also begun working on Flooded Memoir series and now working on my 2nd and 3rd item. The first one was selected by Norbing Villez to be included in the Art magazine, oh I forgot the exact name...anyway I have to wait for that issue.

Have I mentioned already about the exhibit in Baguio City? Anyway, the show organized by Let's Paint  2nd time around.... and below was the works that I've shown there....


Been active also now with our regular Monday art session at Art-Kai where I was able to bond with Zander little by little...


The first show for 2017 was by Freedom Art Society in Conspiracy Bar...

This year I also started my Fansign portrait challenge  and here's what it is all about, starting first with fellow artisans...

 Image may contain: one or more people      

as of now I had 23 posted on my FB....

Random Thoughts and Senseless Beauty

It is not your conscious mind that creates reality; it only chooses a reality you would like to believe. Art appreciation relies on mindset, change your feelings and you can alter your reality. Perception is a learned phenomena and that is what I’m trying to share in my artwork.

Just capture whatever you can, following your feelings at the moment. Is it Music? Anger? Pain? Love? Poetry? Or Parody? Name them as you wish. …presume you understand, have faith and believe in you own judgment…then come back a few more days later and see the same information in a whole new light. Such is an excellent way to consume an Artwork. 

That is the motivation behind my Sporadic Random Thoughts and those enthusiastic gathering of Senseless Beauty in my Art. It’s a beautiful mess isn’t it?

And here we go, the Flat truth...which I have openly hinted on a little debate in my FB account. I will discuss these matter soon....

Note: two works were submitted for Baguio show the other one is "Van Gogh's Bargain" I just can't find the picture right now since I'm still on the process of changing permissions for my files. 


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