Our Final Frontier

The Bible is not a collection of Status update but a Book! Come on, don't sporadically drop a verse to defend or stress your point.
The essence of a Book is about its story...not on beautiful quotes. It is good to memorize verses to remind us on somethings.... 
but would it be a lot better if we understand the whole story?
Remember, not everything written in the Bible applies to everybody....some are personal or intended on specific situation, for specific audiences, and to a specific time and place.
The Bible is about Man and his or her relationship with God.
I have written my relationship and story with God too, sometimes here on my status update...but obviously you are not going to quote me and make them a doctrine right?
How about the Story of my life as a Christian, perhaps it is something worth mentioning right? Worth testifying? Worth sharing? I hope so...

Miss Universe 2017
Iris Mittenaere
Quick sketch
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