Our Internet Footprints

I was trying to analyze my Internet Footprints... these are the pages that you usually open, the topic you discuss, the videos you spend enormous amount of time to watch, those links can easily tell about your Personality and Lifestyle.
Top of my list would be about The Bizarre, Faith, Sciences and only a fraction about Arts and very little about Movies. I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but I have never learn to swim. Hahaha. So that explain why I used to have Eight large fish tanks.
Anyways, just this morning I've realized that if God would judge mankind...perhaps He would simply open The Book of Life and see our Life Footprints very easily.... in fact, with the enormous numbers of Angels watching over us, they can simply testify for or against us.
So as I was saying, there are CCTV up there on the Firmament so be very careful how you deal with fellow citizen of the world.


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