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Double-Edged Sword and The Pursuit of Purity

Matthew 16:27For the Son of Man will come in His Father's glory with His angels, and then He will repay each one according to what he has done.
Together with the increase of knowledge, there will also be an increase of lies and deceit. People who takes heed to seducing spirits....interpreting the Word of God for their own convenience.  Remove all the vanities and personal interest in reading the Holy Scriptures and you shall understand that God's message was all very simple. Accept it as a little child with no hidden agenda whatsoever, just like a love-letter from your Father, who after all would not want to confuse you along with too much Theologies or Churchianities.  I have never been more convicted in my sins after realizing that everything is merely all about how we live our life. We will answer God by the Life we lived on judgement day and that made me more afraid because after all, I have been very bad.... God's word is truly a double-edged sword.

   As I looked into my…

Like a Melting Candle

I don't think I can go on anymore...the struggling....even my physical self is already waxing down...draining...faltering.... My shoulder and blades are lumping like a huge rock weighing me digestive track must have been weakening now....

Once in my life I was full of great they were simply nothingness....vain...even if I had an upcoming show in Baguio City on a classy hotel. But my visions are no more on the fame...but only for the love of painting...perhaps, on its purest form now....yet you know, it would be much better if I can sustain the supplies to create more artwork. 

Trapped in a trampoline of nothingness... 

But I'm Not Complaining

Why do I have to experience dying more than once? My rescues were nothing short of a I have to pick up some lessons there or just leave it to my actual bad habits or synchronization of decisions that I had made?
It was not shortcoming when you did all your best....or did I? Well it just that now I am returning to that event of my Near-death...or decay of soul....or recollections.... It's gonna take awhile to regain the strength once again....and now you know that you are a failure....and maybe the art world was never really meant for me. 
Losing is indeed a heartbreaking experience....especially when you expected too much. When I've reach MOA and immediately felt there was No joyful vibration as I've reach the Music Hall. I can only imagine my fear...the shame...the promises that will be broken....and the happy lines that I had memories.  The consequences is too huge for me because the people who trusted me will not believe again...I would have to convince them a…

The Common Sense of Truth and Vanities of Religions and Non-Religions

What makes the truth very difficult to accept is when it stands against what you have spent a lifetime being told and what you have spent a lifetime believing.-- JPW
Yes it is true, you don't Need Religion to be saved. Yet this is No License for you not to join God fearing groups or in laymen's language a Church...Because Pride and Worldly Education can corrupt the mind and soul. Religious leaders may have vanities and conservative point of view toward their Faith or churches...BUT we still need someone to remind, guide, and councel us...Too much freedom can spoil the flesh.

Yes, I don't have religion nor count myself very religious but I still attend church services. Simply because the evidence for a Creator is so very Real and abundant. I don't Have enough Faith to be an Atheist!!! 
I don't exactly need to believe what the Pastor said to the dot....but I listen, and sometimes obey and don't forget COMMON SENSE....Because there is a much Dangerous world outside …

Tablet of Our Hearts

I was just amaze reading the Scripture earlier...Perhaps, well maybe the technology we are enjoying now were also shown to The Prophets...just like the Tablet handed by Angels to Daniel, Enoch, or John for example...they have moving images, they can scroll into it and browse future events. It has loud audio just like thunders too. 
In fact Enoch descriptions of the 'Tablet" given to him have Apps almost the same or even better the our PC, laptop, iphone, and yes "Tablet" itself. It was so advance than our gadget that to DOWNLOAD the information, the Angel commanded St. John to swallow it. Hmmmmm.... I think, we will have those kind of technologies too in the very near future.... no harddrive or USB needed, we just swallow the whole information. :) btw, you can read descriptions of Gas mask, Helicopters, UFO, Missiles, Tanks, etc in The Bible too...just pay attention...the Prophets just don't know what to call them yet but they were there. Awesome coincidence?

Your Body, Your Life, and Your Time

Your Body, Life, and Time are not yours...they were gift from God. You seem to own it but it was already here from the very first moment you breath the air of planet Earth.  You did not caused these three to exist....something you unconsciously borrowed from someone who existed before you. From Someone who existed before your parent's parent. The origin of this Life, Body, and Time is unknown. Science and religions tries to explain its origin but they can only guess...a guess which needed great amount of Faith. 
There were testimonies and studies but all I can say is, just have the right amount of "common sense" and you are on your way to the truth.  
God has indeed chosen the foolish thing of the world to compound the wise. 

This work in progress is my entry for Manila Bulletin, hoping I would finish it well and on time. 

I may be repeating what I've wrote...some can be mentally challenging to remember, even those I have written by myself. 

Concept came from things that…

The Last Pizza Syndrome....

The Last Pizza Syndrome....
Sa unang lapag agawan...naka Beast mode. Hahablutin agad ang pinaka-malaking slice (The skill to acquire how to spot the biggest slice takes experiences) Kelangan maunahan mo ang kasama mong lumamon ng unang slice, para maka Take two ka. Then....
Kanina lang hayuk-na hayok kayo pero bakit may natira?
Dahil ang last pizza na yan ang magde-determine kung sino ang pinaka-patay gutom sa inyo!!!! Pakiramdaman....patay malisya....

Ang pinaka-malakas ang loob ang unang mag sasalita.... "Akin na lang ito ha?" Then, kayo na hindi umimik...wala lang, ang pagsisisi ay laging nasa huli. Hahahaha!!!

Not For The Proud and Weak

Listen! The Art world is Not for the Proud and Weak. Period. Don't read any further if you don't want to be criticized....

From the very moment you start showing your artworks your work will undergo scrutiny. Because Art can never be Art unless it stands scrutiny. 

Don't expect also that everybody will be CONSTRUCTIVE or Gentle because Not all who will see your work are Experts or Ally. They will even attack you as a "Person" because this is SHOW business for your informations. 
Don't you ever think that all these "self-proclaimed" critics do is to BELITTLE or DOWNGRADE you, that's a very childish thought. In fact "Constructive Criticism" are always met with HOSTILITY by the Proud and Weak. 
Because YOU yourself as an artist is a critic of things you saw around you, YOU yourself as an artist scrutinized the thoughts of others and translate them into your artworks, YOU yourself as artist is the MOST BOASTFUL critics of BEAUTY. "Who …

Ang Aking Komentaryo sa Landasin ng Sining sa Ating Panahon

Sorry to my foreign followers but I have to write these in our own dialect....these are all about my commentary on Philippine art scene which I have posted on my Facebook page too.  

Ang Aking Komentaryo sa Landasin ng Sining sa Ating Panahon Ito po ay akin lamang sariling obserbasyon, maaaring hindi ito ang pananaw ng mga Experto sa Sining, ngunit sana ay mapakinggan din.... ... Alam nyo ba kung bakit napaka-halaga sa mga Senior Artist na ma-develop ang mga Newbies? At kung bakit minsan sumasama ang loob nila kung mali ang tinatahak na landas ng isang bagitong artist? At kung bakit may mga Hugot at Baon kayong naririnig mula sa Veterans at sa Newbies. May nagmamaktol at may umuuwing luhaan?  Hayaan nyo po akong ipaliwanag ayon sa aking pagkakamulat noong ako'y ma-swerteng mapili para mag aral sa Sentrong Pangkultura ng Pilipinas CCP. Mapalad akong naipa-intindi rin ng aking mga Guro sa PNU ang kahalagahan ng Kultura. 
Ang Art or Sining ng isang Bansa ay nagsu-survive sa pagbuo ng ISANG…

The Word Newbie Enters The Art Scene

The Word Newbie Enters The Art Scene The Playing Field for Philippines Art Scene has drastically change when the INTERNET came. The Galleries and Museums no longer hold the monopoly for Marketing Art. The Artist can now present his art works to the world without the NEED for a curator's approval. The amazing thing is the Artist can even Bring his whole studio outside for the world to see..... There are Pros and Cons of course in every area of change. The term Newbie or Noob, which was borrowed from the Gamers community came also into the Art Market scene. Promising for young artisan to be recognized even if he or she is in remote areas of the Philippines archipelago.  At one click of the mouse or keypad, Alas! There, a possible International Art collector can go directly to the artist. Impressive technology huh?!  But the downside are the proliferations of copycats, low quality art works, stolen ideas, so on and so forth..... A Newbie without realizing his Role as a Representative of …

Not All Artist Are Creative

3 days now of distracting felt last Saturday as if i was inside an elevator, that similar feelings during the lift's halt. Vertigo from time to time and pain on my nape, shoulders, and tiredness...those tiny veins at the back of my head keeps on snapping whenever I twist or turn my head.... My sugar intake must have increase due to coffee addiction, it was not actually the coffee I suspect but the latest instant 3-in-1 being sold nowadays in 1 cup pack, these I believe have lesser coffee and more of sweeteners. This new cravings has even added the worst magnetism of cigarettes. 

Don't expect life to be fair....that's how nature's work.
But try to be fair, that's how it is to be human.
I'm already beginning to lost interest over the project with Colemans. She had so many alterations which was in the first place base on poor quality pictures. Now she want those wrinkles remove...I'm afraid it will lose the appeal without those realism touch..but...…