Your Body, Your Life, and Your Time

Your Body, Life, and Time are not yours...they were gift from God. You seem to own it but it was already here from the very first moment you breath the air of planet Earth.  You did not caused these three to exist....something you unconsciously borrowed from someone who existed before you. From Someone who existed before your parent's parent. The origin of this Life, Body, and Time is unknown. Science and religions tries to explain its origin but they can only guess...a guess which needed great amount of Faith. 
There were testimonies and studies but all I can say is, just have the right amount of "common sense" and you are on your way to the truth.  
God has indeed chosen the foolish thing of the world to compound the wise. 

This work in progress is my entry for Manila Bulletin, hoping I would finish it well and on time. 

I may be repeating what I've wrote...some can be mentally challenging to remember, even those I have written by myself. 

Concept came from things that already existed in your mind. You can not produce something you have not learned or acquired. We drew our imaginations from things we already heard, read, smell, felt, and so on....That "Light Bulb" in your mind is powered by energies in the reservoir of accumulated knowledges and experiences.
Once we already formed a concept, we need to transfer these into we will need things to "Represents" what we want to express. Here is where REFERENCES came in. 
Kaya minsan kailangan nating utusan ang mga bagay na mag-Acting para sa ating imahinasyon! :)


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