Not All Artist Are Creative


3 days now of distracting felt last Saturday as if i was inside an elevator, that similar feelings during the lift's halt. Vertigo from time to time and pain on my nape, shoulders, and tiredness...those tiny veins at the back of my head keeps on snapping whenever I twist or turn my head....
My sugar intake must have increase due to coffee addiction, it was not actually the coffee I suspect but the latest instant 3-in-1 being sold nowadays in 1 cup pack, these I believe have lesser coffee and more of sweeteners. This new cravings has even added the worst magnetism of cigarettes. 

Don't expect life to be fair....that's how nature's work.
But try to be fair, that's how it is to be human.

I'm already beginning to lost interest over the project with Colemans. She had so many alterations which was in the first place base on poor quality pictures. Now she want those wrinkles remove...I'm afraid it will lose the appeal without those realism touch..but....costumer is always right. I don't argue or state my case....I jst want to get rid of these once and for all...long overdue and I've consume great amount of energy on it...especially at this time that I feel so very drained. It is an unusual feeling....I even have cramps on my legs that isn't going away. The back of my head isn't good. 

Lord help me, now that there are great promises ahead for my art...please give me energy to fulfill my task....I am sorry for living an unhealthy life style, am I suppose to pay for all these? Can you heal me? or will you? 

Styles are simply acceptance of limitations and development of past errors and nothing else. 
Don't try to connect it with Concept because that's the separation between the Creative over the Artistic.

Working on reference? Here's my opinion...
Styles comes out naturally, so don't push it. Anything that does not come from you naturally will be felt by others.And...
Photo Realism isn't fact it shows how extremely talented you are, you're a cut above the rest...but the camera has done the job for you.... Nothing amazing beyond your copying skills. I suggest allow at least 20-30 % alteration from the original print to bring out your own style.
On my case, once I get the basic feature, I rarely glance on my reference anymore. 
Don't compete with Robots, the digital age has already taken over the photo realist job...expand that advantage with other artist into something a machine can not duplicate.
But if you are enjoying what you are doing...disregard this advise.

Being Creative does not come from Skills and Talent alone. It comes from imaginations, from experience, from reading, from listening, and from constant study....


Concept came from things that already existed in your mind. You can not produce something you have not learned or acquired. We drew our imaginations from things we already heard, read, smell, felt, and so on....That "Light Bulb" in your mind is powered by energies in the reservoir of accumulated knowledges and experiences.
Once we already formed a concept, we need to transfer these into we will need things to "Represents" what we want to express. Here is where REFERENCES came in. 
Kaya minsan kailangan nating utusan ang mga bagay na mag-Acting para sa ating imahinasyon!


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