The Word Newbie Enters The Art Scene

The Word Newbie Enters The Art Scene
The Playing Field for Philippines Art Scene has drastically change when the INTERNET came. The Galleries and Museums no longer hold the monopoly for Marketing Art. The Artist can now present his art works to the world without the NEED for a curator's approval. The amazing thing is the Artist can even Bring his whole studio outside for the world to see.....
There are Pros and Cons of course in every area of change. The term Newbie or Noob, which was borrowed from the Gamers community came also into the Art Market scene. Promising for young artisan to be recognized even if he or she is in remote areas of the Philippines archipelago.  At one click of the mouse or keypad, Alas! There, a possible International Art collector can go directly to the artist. Impressive technology huh?! 
But the downside are the proliferations of copycats, low quality art works, stolen ideas, so on and so forth.....
A Newbie without realizing his Role as a Representative of Filipino Art can simply grab a picture from google or elsewhere and then Sell them to Etsy, Tumblr, Fine Art America, etc... once "caught" by happenstance and since the Internet itself has made the planet a very small place, the travel of information also can backfire very fast...
Once a stolen idea from another artist in other parts of the world was discovered being used as Money source by another artist here, claiming that he is the original creator of these artworks....the Filipino Artist as a WHOLE will be BRANDED as Fakers.
The Senior Artist will cry FOUL. Ouch!!!!     
They (The Global market) will DOUBT the originality of every art works that the Filipino artist will produces....
Here is a word of is alright to copy images for PERSONAL use, practicing, learning the strokes, Sample, etc.... BUT once you intended a SALE out of it....there the Term Forgery, Copycats, Fake, Plagiarism,  and Counterfeit, shall apply....

Since the Newbies most of them were not handle by Senior Mentor or at least some basic courses or workshops in Art there is a BIG chance that he or she has no idea that Showcasing an Artwork in artshows are Serious Trade that requires Serious Creativity. Once you step into the Philippines Art Scene, you already Represent a Sector of Culture which are as you would like to call yourselves a Newbie. 
Remember that:  A Filipino Sector of Newbie Artist. 

Remember, this is different from Hobbyist! you are already Marketing yourself as a Young Artist of the Filipino people. The responsibility that you now possess as an Artist or Young Masters is  to assure the artist before you; that you are not doing any harm into th Filipino Culture.
It will be very hard for Senior artist to pick up the pieces of the name he or she has created in the Art Scenes. 
Our National Artists will rise up from the grave and blame you The Noob for misaligning the direction of Filipino art.   

This should have been the job of Art critics here in the Philippines. But since the journalist themselves are busy milking and exploiting the Filipino artist...I think it is my duty as a Struggling Visual Artist who receives my daily meal on this job, I perhaps have the right  to speak up.  


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