Tablet of Our Hearts

I was just amaze reading the Scripture earlier...Perhaps, well maybe the technology we are enjoying now were also shown to The Prophets...just like the Tablet handed by Angels to Daniel, Enoch, or John for example...they have moving images, they can scroll into it and browse future events. It has loud audio just like thunders too. 

In fact Enoch descriptions of the 'Tablet" given to him have Apps almost the same or even better the our PC, laptop, iphone, and yes "Tablet" itself. It was so advance than our gadget that to DOWNLOAD the information, the Angel commanded St. John to swallow it. Hmmmmm.... I think, we will have those kind of technologies too in the very near future.... no harddrive or USB needed, we just swallow the whole information. 
btw, you can read descriptions of Gas mask, Helicopters, UFO, Missiles, Tanks, etc in The Bible too...just pay attention...the Prophets just don't know what to call them yet but they were there.
Awesome coincidence?

Just what was it exactly written in the Book of Life? My Life? 


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