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How does FB feed static works....I said static because it seems that things comes randomly on your newsfeed unless you set it @ "see first"....then some of my other friends doesn't appear at all....irrelevant ones? 

This power of freewill enables us to choose how things should go in the moment so that we can make a choice in the present at that point. To reality create in the moment, slip out of normal awareness and lock yourself into a dream like state. Visualize what you need in that moment and then return back to normal awareness and continue what you were doing. We should do our visualization in the alpha state instead of the beta state. It’s the daydream state. Dreams turn into reality when you focus on them. The entire process should take no longer than five seconds, and the results are amazing. You normally visualize a lot in the alpha state when you are daydreaming but you are unaware of what you’re doing, therefore you are surprised and shocked when the actual eve…

Improtu Gathering with Fellow Artist

A mini-reunion was organized at Marko Bello's place since Rhandz Samar is here in Manila area for a short visit. Fitting on my sched since Ms. Flor Baradi message me to submit work on her gallery Arte Pintura in Mandaluyong for a June 19 event of SketchPod 2. And so it was a perfect time to meet up friends...unwind and perhaps recharge with the energy emanating from other artists. 
Met new friend-artist as well like Sir Benjie a on-the-spot artist for party events and nurse Czarina who became our on-the spot model.


Retracing The Masters

There is a need to analyze and re-assess what's going on in my life. What are the right questions that would align me to my purposes as a human being. To many re...repackaging, reinforce, replay, recount, reassure, or could be reject.  Work even harder...FOCUS on.... God help me. 
This popularity thing, I don't want that to get on top of my head but I also need to be known publicly..the wider the better.
Think I'll be centering for awhile on meaning recording of genre scene. But before that I just made a coffee copy of Da Vinci's self-portrait (header). To experience that moment with a great painter. What's on his head while doing these....
a rekindle affair with watercolor.... truly submerge on this one that I didn't even glimpse on my Facebook page the whole day....also on my head was my fellow artist...the frustrations that they tried to continually paint for the love of it. 
People will not understand. I hope they will....haven't they?…

With A Little Luck

Again, what about the life of a freelancer? No regular income and relying on Luck. Yup, talent isn't a real guarantee....many mediocre artists make it on top.
Always coming to that point of realizations that connections are one of the most vital element for success. 
Mediocre artists may make it on times to the point similar to prostitutions. But real art, no matter how or what happened will re-emerge....

Just the other day, I feel so down about not having projects, and instantly...again, as if the Universe aligns if you truly needed a least a push...affirmation that I must continue.... a portrait commission coming up...Big. He want it lifesize....

The Freelance Life

So I will continue to paint even if no one buys...still without real commissions... and projects have just flew away without prior notice. Unpaid works and cancellations....what a luck. Why all this misfortune?     But people of the FB world thought that just because I'm an idol, someone they admired, that I'm brimming or overflowing with projects. Fallacy.     The last commission I had isn't enough to pay for school expenses of Elyona Jean, and I feel incompetent as a father because Elijah is requesting that he continues to College....he'd just finished a vocational course at TESDA and his only 17 to be hired. 

....the projects isn't coming as often and thanks if not with my facepainting gig I would be a total devastation and collapse. So I was still able to sustain my desire to long will this cycle go on?

A post I'm made last year when I attended the awarding and exhibitions of AAP contest:
Time to Exhale the smut, bad news, burdensome tele-novelas, s…

"Re-con-Figured Intentions"

"Re-con-Figured Intentions" Fher Mission Ymas 18" X 12" Oil on Paper 2016 . By simply using the power of FOCUS you will discover that this is the Secret of Creating out of Nothing... It is natural for thoughts to attract more thoughts...when you understand the flow of The Creative'll become your Nature...your Thoughts are co-Creator as we are form in the image of God....and intentions, when in the Flow of universal Law...will never fail.

WIP after WIP and Fakery

Some of my artworks were unfinished....actually most of them remain waiting for my intentions and attentions to shift.  In fact, I have works that I've totally dismiss and re-coated to transform into another work.  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.-- Jeremiah 29:11    So what's the use of all of these mascaraed and displays of prowess? How much of those intentions needed to get that expected bounty?  
   How can I be so famous among fellow artists and yet not with buyers and collectors?   

   So about that Orlando, Florida shooting incidence there are those saying that it's a Fake...that there were obvious acting and some fake tears...and evidences are continually coming.... 

"Have you ever noticed that humans have made it so difficult and complicated to 'survive' in this world? It’s a vicious cycle. You go to school, and try really hard, so that you can get into a goo…

Gun Banned and 50 Dead in Orlando?

Fresh news just bump from the Networld a few minutes ago.... another gun shooting incident in Orlando, Floria where as initial report 50 were already dead. What's with Florida and specifically Orlando? Could be coincidences but just this Saturday morning Apple asked me about my opinion on the murder of Chrisitna Grimme ....also while she's having concert at Orlando.    Anyway....this issue about those who are pro-Gun and the government's stand against it all sums up. Could be another false flag. Where do we draw an idea or how to forge an inspiration? ARTIST-BLOCK comes whether you like it or not, usually after we consumed great amount of effort from previous project....but we can alter this state if there is really a NEED to create. I say "need" because sometimes we just have to stay still and listen to being in a state of nothingness. Now so you Need to create something...Here we must remember that YOU CAN NOT GIVE WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE...Experience i…

Confidence is Not Pride

Better accept the fact that you are being idolized and admired now for being a  good great visual artist....don't be bothered or feel guilty that you are getting praises and gaining respect from acquaintances, strangers, and mutual friends. 
Let's be clear on what are the differences of Humble Confidence and Insecure Pride...

Leaders have two seemingly-paradoxical postures they can lead from. The first is the paradox of insecure pride. The insecurity comes from a personal anxiety, a self-doubt that comes across as a deflated or detached leadership. It is feeling unsure about oneself and what you offer as a leader to others. Connected with this insecurity is pride, an inner desire to make oneself and one’s agenda heard in order to compensate for the insecurity. Pride often comes out externally through our mouths, while insecurity hides itself in the internal reaches of our hearts.
Insecure pride can manifest itself in all kinds of ways:
Loudly and brashly sharing one’s opinions i…

This Time The Watercolors


School Time Once Again

School season once blows once more and I'm here, just here. If I could change the world. And my daughter Elyona is now Grade time simply skid into an enormous speed. 

Dahil may isang anak na na-challenge sa hamon na subukan ang iba't-ibang medium.... Somebody asked kung ano raw magandang paint medium kung nag-uumpisa ka pa lang...para sakin it should be Acrylic or Acri-color (industrial type preferably Boysen) Mas makakatipid pa kayo habang nag-aaral....oo nga naman hindi mo kasi pwedeng bilhin lahat..pwera na lang kung anak ka ni Tong-gresman. Hehe. Very flexible kasi ang application ng Acrylic, it can behave like a watercolor and can also be stroke na parang oil paint. Also may deceivingly appear like a watercolor as well as oil medium...can be applied sa halos lahat ng surface.
At times you will feel so bad that you we're unable to help financially to family're heart broke....

Knowing: Faith is a deliberate act of trusting

Knowledge is power....whenever I heard that concept in one way or another I always remember a Filipino genius; Ernie Baron quoting "Kung walang Knowledge, walang power"....

When I first came across Mind Reality website of Enoch Tan, it seems just a bunch of hoax esoteric mixes of New age claims but then although it seems to be just a collections of all available feel-good positivism, it is still quite entertaining to read and somehow filled with sensible knowledge as well. Whoever Enoch Tan, I might say, he is a hardworking person and perhaps like me, love to research wide varieties of things both here and on Heaven above.
Faith is a deliberate act of trusting
Evil forces do not want you to learn the truth because when you increase in knowledge, it threatens their dominion in this world. Reading the Bible and applying the lesson naturally ups your defenses. Truth alone can set you free. The devils want to attack areas in your life that you are most unaware of. Jesus said, “I am…

On Staying inside a Box

Patience! Oh my I need more of it. Patience....
If you've notice that recently I'm reposting here what I have shared already as status on my FB timeline because I want to retain those knowledge that popped up in my brain. Also I would need to refer again on this bits of knowledges for the book that I'm planning to publish. This is all about artist, basically my personal experiences which I've temporarily titled as "Kulay-Serye: walang matigas na pintura sa artist na walang pera" ©  Hindi masamang meron kayong medium of expertise. Ito yung pambato nyo, ito yung kahit nakapikit ka kaya mong gawin, dito ka kilala...kabisaduhin ng husto ang color-pencils kung yan ang feel nyo sa ngayon. Maging pastelero...mag watercolor, mag bolpen, mag degital etc... Ganun din sa subject....Hindi porket Portraitst ka na puro mukha na lang; gumuhit ka naman ng paa. Nang Landscape, seascape, still-life...
Ngunit datapwat subalit bagaman, at dahil dapat kapag sumilip ang pagkakataon…

Changes Collectively

There is one thing that is constantly changing...and that is Change. And during these processes of Change we are presented with Choices. And what ever we choose will determine the Chance for the next Cycle of Change. 

Those are the basic C's in Life but the most important of all is that we put Christ at the Center of our Conscience.  Now you C?

If the collective mind will change its perception of the world then the world will relatively change. Now how can I alter the thinking or influence my environment, into an outcome that I desire?

Great scenery at Venice Gran Canal in McKinley Hills, Taguig City which my wife and children visited with her sister Cynthia (with her kids also and apos) and to whom I was surprised that was now walking with a cane.  Elijah said would want to visit the place again. I think I should get out more often...

Coffee Again

Inclined  to coffee painting as my second medium once again... it's like a second nature to me now...I feel relax doing these....including the smell although the aroma is quite hallucinating.
Today I made a real-time coffee painting tutorial on FB.

Can we really alter the thought pattern of the world around us? If mere words or intentions can affect the form of water and basically we are what? 80 percent water? 

Re-occurrences of physical is because I've lost track of my eating pattern again. How easy am I to be lax....I need to return that intermittent diet once again. 
“Why is it that the normal diet is three meals a day plus snacks? It isn’t that it’s the healthiest eating pattern, now that’s my opinion but I think there is a lot of evidence to support that. There are a lot of pressures to have that eating pattern, there’s a lot of money involved. The food industry — are they going to make money from skipping breakfast like I did today? No, they’re going to los…