Retracing The Masters

There is a need to analyze and re-assess what's going on in my life. What are the right questions that would align me to my purposes as a human being. To many re...repackaging, reinforce, replay, recount, reassure, or could be reject. 
Work even harder...FOCUS on....
God help me. 

This popularity thing, I don't want that to get on top of my head but I also need to be known publicly..the wider the better.

Think I'll be centering for awhile on meaning recording of genre scene. But before that I just made a coffee copy of Da Vinci's self-portrait (header). To experience that moment with a great painter. What's on his head while doing these....

a rekindle affair with watercolor.... truly submerge on this one that I didn't even glimpse on my Facebook page the whole day....also on my head was my fellow artist...the frustrations that they tried to continually paint for the love of it. 

People will not understand. I hope they will....haven't they? 

FB Post....

Ayan nagkaroon tuloy ako ng Walang Wentang Tip of the pong mga Woodless pencils ay nababasag, kaya ingatan nyo na wag mahulog.  wahhhhhhhhh !!! 
anyway, bukod sa mukha magandang praktis ang pag sketch ng Kamay lalo na ang palad, madaming nagaganap na mga kurba at linya sa kamay...DON'T JUST LOOK; TRAIN YOUR EYES TO SEE, what I mean is, REALLY SEE...wag mag assume ng linya...don't think ahead..just focus on the moment.... That's the secret of FOCUS.

♫ There are three ducklings that I saw... ♪ 
Rich kid: What's your baon today?
Poor kid: "Kamote again....  
Rich kid: Wow yummy! Sweet Poh-tah-toh 



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