Changes Collectively

There is one thing that is constantly changing...and that is Change. And during these processes of Change we are presented with Choices. And what ever we choose will determine the Chance for the next Cycle of Change. 

Those are the basic C's in Life but the most important of all is that we put Christ at the Center of our Conscience. 
Now you C?

If the collective mind will change its perception of the world then the world will relatively change. Now how can I alter the thinking or influence my environment, into an outcome that I desire?

Great scenery at Venice Gran Canal in McKinley Hills, Taguig City which my wife and children visited with her sister Cynthia (with her kids also and apos) and to whom I was surprised that was now walking with a cane. 
Elijah said would want to visit the place again. I think I should get out more often...


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