Knowing: Faith is a deliberate act of trusting

Knowledge is power....whenever I heard that concept in one way or another I always remember a Filipino genius; Ernie Baron quoting "Kung walang Knowledge, walang power"....

When I first came across Mind Reality website of Enoch Tan, it seems just a bunch of hoax esoteric mixes of New age claims but then although it seems to be just a collections of all available feel-good positivism, it is still quite entertaining to read and somehow filled with sensible knowledge as well. Whoever Enoch Tan, I might say, he is a hardworking person and perhaps like me, love to research wide varieties of things both here and on Heaven above.

Faith is a deliberate act of trusting

Evil forces do not want you to learn the truth because when you increase in knowledge, it threatens their dominion in this world. Reading the Bible and applying the lesson naturally ups your defenses. Truth alone can set you free. The devils want to attack areas in your life that you are most unaware of. Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.” 

Continuous awareness or constant meditation of The Word (Jesus) alone is enough to deter attacks. It is very important to stay in the Light (Jesus) so that we can dispel darkness. Sometimes the devils re-attack because he sees an opening of weakness in certain part of your life. This may occur again and again not to teach us something “New” but to REMIND us of a lesson we have forgotten. That is why we need to REFRESH all the time. 

Bible stories are filled with refreshing incident from men and women who had sinned and repented. Moses was a murderer, King David was an adulterer, Paul was a self-righteous zealot, and Peter was not a loyal friend, in fact, it you can easily relate to each and every Lead character in it because they are just as human as you. They are not as Holy as you think they are suppose to be but became Holy (Acceptable) because of Awareness and Acceptance of their sins and by Choosing Jesus (The Light of the world) in their Life. That is the essence of REPENTANCE—bringing into awareness our past sins and renewing our understanding of Reality. 

Not all lessons must be experienced with pain, because it is obvious that clever people can learn from the mistakes of others.

Here's an excerpt from one of his writings:
You shall find God when you seek him with all your heart. The reason why God doesn’t exist in full manifestation automatically for you is because you create your own reality. You are the one that determines how much of God you experience. The intensity of your intent determines the strength of its manifestation. The movement of Spirit is the immense inner forces of your soul, the subconscious mind.

God is an inner experience. You have to feel your way to God. Let your seeking be feeling and emotion.

Behind all our manifestations, we must know God in order to have the proper consciousness. The reason is because we can only expect to receive according to our own perception of the Source. In the end all things lead back to God, The Source.
It begins with knowing what you want, and then knowing how to get it through intention, and then knowing that intention works through the power of God, and then knowing that your relationship with God determines how it all happens. Knowing God is the ultimate.

When you literally know the thoughts that God thinks, you will have certainty about the way God is, and have peace. The Bible is the only place that reveals the definite thoughts of God. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

This is God Himself speaking in the first person about what He thinks towards you. God is a self aware,self conscious being as he declares with the word “I”. He himself says what he thinks.

God is aware of the thoughts that he thinks towards you. He is not an unconscious, automatic intelligence that runs the universe. He is an active intelligence that has a self conscious personality. He is declaring the thoughts that he thinks towards you. This means that no one can make conjunctures about what God thinks, because God Himself is stating what he thinks. No one can also question whether God thinks evil unconsciously, because God says he KNOWS the thoughts that he thinks toward us.

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Ah yes you might think that what I'm posting isn't correlated because as I blog what's on my head or what I came across at the moment, I am also sharing the artwork that are on my easels and work area...or sometimes what I feel like sharing, so don't bother to synthesized these images with what I've written here....all realities are happening from different point or perspective. 


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