How does FB feed static works....I said static because it seems that things comes randomly on your newsfeed unless you set it @ "see first"....then some of my other friends doesn't appear at all....irrelevant ones? 

This power of freewill enables us to choose how things should go in the moment so that we can make a choice in the present at that point. To reality create in the moment, slip out of normal awareness and lock yourself into a dream like state. Visualize what you need in that moment and then return back to normal awareness and continue what you were doing. We should do our visualization in the alpha state instead of the beta state. It’s the daydream state. Dreams turn into reality when you focus on them.
The entire process should take no longer than five seconds, and the results are amazing. You normally visualize a lot in the alpha state when you are daydreaming but you are unaware of what you’re doing, therefore you are surprised and shocked when the actual event manifest in physical reality. When you reality create in the moment, you are using this daydream visualization deliberately. This simple and powerful act is all you need to turn an uneasy situation into a pleasant one whenever you need to.

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Sa mga ayaw sa History dahil walang Future, ito dapat nyo muna malaman:
The first Filipinos landed in Morro Bay, California, in 1587, three decades before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. These Filipino men escaped Spanish galleon ships en route to Spain. Some Filipinos migrated in similar ways and settled in the bayous of Louisiana in 1763, giving Filipinos deep roots in the U.S.
JUNE by the way is Immigrant Heritage Month in the US.


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