The Freelance Life

So I will continue to paint even if no one buys...still without real commissions... and projects have just flew away without prior notice. Unpaid works and cancellations....what a luck. Why all this misfortune? 
   But people of the FB world thought that just because I'm an idol, someone they admired, that I'm brimming or overflowing with projects. Fallacy. 
   The last commission I had isn't enough to pay for school expenses of Elyona Jean, and I feel incompetent as a father because Elijah is requesting that he continues to College....he'd just finished a vocational course at TESDA and his only 17 to be hired. 

....the projects isn't coming as often and thanks if not with my facepainting gig I would be a total devastation and collapse. So I was still able to sustain my desire to long will this cycle go on?

A post I'm made last year when I attended the awarding and exhibitions of AAP contest:

Time to Exhale the smut, bad news, burdensome tele-novelas, sexually inducing pop music on radios with the endless ranting of DJs sharing their worldly views about lovelife...blah blah blah.... 
Thank God I was able to recharge and inhale great works of Arts.... No matter how busy we are please take time to visits galleries or your local artist's studios. You don't know what you're missing. Art will show you what was stolen from your will re-awaken your consciousness.... 
Listen from the heart....reclaim your identity as a Human being with Soul... we are not disposable like diapers nor a cup of instant noodles...nor replaceable gadgets... we are Spiritual by nature....
If you don't have a painting near you...Just go and smell some flowers!

I know God will provide....


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