Gun Banned and 50 Dead in Orlando?

Fresh news just bump from the Networld a few minutes ago.... another gun shooting incident in Orlando, Floria where as initial report 50 were already dead. What's with Florida and specifically Orlando? Could be coincidences but just this Saturday morning Apple asked me about my opinion on the murder of Chrisitna Grimme ....also while she's having concert at Orlando. 
  Anyway....this issue about those who are pro-Gun and the government's stand against it all sums up. Could be another false flag.
Where do we draw an idea or how to forge an inspiration?
ARTIST-BLOCK comes whether you like it or not, usually after we consumed great amount of effort from previous project....but we can alter this state if there is really a NEED to create. I say "need" because sometimes we just have to stay still and listen to being in a state of nothingness.
Now so you Need to create something...Here we must remember that YOU CAN NOT GIVE WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE...Experience is always the best teacher...but of course we don't have to experience everything to learn MANY things...we can learn from short, INVEST in learning.
visit Galleries, Libraries, and Gossips with friends. :D
So, what have you heard lately?


Mga kids kapag may napansin kayong trend ng depression sa post ng mga friend nyo...gawa naman kayo ng konting effort para mapasaya nyo sila, hwag kayong mainis na panay ang Hugot...malay nyo yun lang ang hinihintay nya...ang pansin. Malaking bagay na yun kahit mga short sentence lang na comment.
Be a Hero in your own little ways.
Try to practice: Random Act of Kindness and Senseless Beauty.

A friend just told me that the shooting happened (or is happening right now) is at a Gay bar. America is sinning so much...

This post will be quite internet isn't favoring....anyhow, that inverted Philippine Flag could be a little symbolic. That was when FB accidentally posted an Independence day greeting with the red at the top. Which reminds me that a Fil-Am NFL player did after typhoon Yolanda. 


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