Thursday, December 31, 2015

Closing 2015

When ending are beginnings...

The softness of heavier strokes for me now. After all, I need to scape with the Realistic club...although this divertion turn out to be more real than what I the process of my impressionism grew from coincidences and learning I get from my fellow artist. experience is in fact still the best teacher. 
After joining several contest at 4S I've finally decided I can be a good portraitist. My execution were mostly trying to capture as real as I can although by nature I am incline to be an impressionist.... that's what my fellow artist saw in me...and as I move toward (finally decided) this style I begun to realized that it is more realistic than my Realism attempts. 

While the world are busy creating noises I prefer to stay inside my studio...

The need to express my thoughts....something that I've always wanted to do.... 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Health Issues

These heaviness at the back of my neck and entire shoulders had been quite pronounce lately, hard to avoid my coffee intake 'though I am trying to control the cravings but there was just these caffeine influx going on. Holiday food junk also was nagging. I try to divert these junkies against onions, and chewing raw garlic. Plus my gums and tooth aches too. Some kind of luck. I've been an unhealthy eater all my life with above normal smoking habit. If there was a normal dose they would consider. Taking care of my body had not been my priorities in all those years. I was thinking maybe it was far too remote for me...yet now, I am feeling the cause and effect syndrome.

Better start changing my habit.... I don't want to take too much medications nor stress myself with clinical stuff. Now that my career looks brighter and if i want to enjoy more quality time with my children I better start loving myself too. 

There was physical deterioration going on inside me but I wanna give more. These weakens my progress and halting my creative process. 

I will be better next year....I should....

While on my heart to heart talk with God The Father last night, He lead me on these verses....something to remind me for the coming years ahead. Thank you for the enlightenment... hopefully, these reminders would help my friends and family too.
in Jesus name. Selah!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Events after Events and The 4S Culminating Activity for 2015

Backtrack a little bit from the previous events, one after another. The highlight of these was the 4S gift-giving the 2nd time around...this time for the children of Barangay Panghulo, in Obando, Bulacan  which was held at Mayor Edwin Santos's farm house. It was a nice place where we stay an overnight from Dec was fun-filled despite the fact that there was a typhoon that day and we had a hard time going to the place because of the rain. Actually many of the members didn't attend plus the hectic holiday season also. 

   The Art demo was conducted by Julius Legaspi with mini-contest for kids. That impressionism at the top was for a good friend Master JJ, a little tribute where all the 4S members present that day signed. 

   We awarded certificates of recognition and honors to all the members and sponsors and thankful for the major sponsor Earlene Collis- Smith. And of course the memorable boodle fight....that even though I'm cautious of my food intake I was glad just being there in-front of that gathering.  

   Blessed also that I had face-painting stint with Party Bitz and pieces one after another which sustain my needs and enough extras for the extra expenses for these holiday season. 

A year end gift for the Filipino people also was the crowning of Ms. Philippines' Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach...

Pia sent out a message to her supporters, acknowledging her 3 attempts to win the Bb. Pilipinas crown.
She wrote, "I hope I inspired you. Never give up on your dreams and believe that dreams do come true! Walang susuko! Ang Pilipino, palaban. (No giving up! The Filipino is a fighter.)“

 Prayer is itself The Answer 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Commission For an Undying Love...

There you go, I thought I wouldn't have a commission before the year ends but on Dec 15 a message from Ms. L asking how much I charge for portraits so I told her...I thought it was just a casual chit-chat but then she was really serious to have one done for her "estrange" husband. Later I've found out that she was a Lawyer and this body building guy is now living with another woman. After 10 years of marriage she told me it was the second time she will ever give him a Christmas gift. 
   I can feel that she still love him, so I take on the idea to deliver it personally which I did today Dec 22 in ParaƱaque city. Although he refuses to have me taken his photo while holding my work, I can sense with that amazement that he really appreciate the gift.

   It took me some absences again in blogger  because I was truly squeeze with events after events. My hectic sched was a welcome blessings. And in spite some ailments...the usual stuff of back ache and nape heaviness, I was thankful that I was able to deliver what is expected of me.... The highlight was that of Dec 19-20 4S gift-giving and Party in Obando, Bulacan which I must record later.  

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Art Trade and Commissions....

wip for art trade...

Come to think of it, why the need to authenticate a painting? Because collectors don't buy artworks but the Artist....

    Since there was no obligations at hand but me and the moment, I can face what I want...or so I thought I want. I push myself to paint the family portrait that I've promise even after realizing that the idea is boring to work with...the image has no detail....yet it was sending a good vibes.....

and there was good vibes....commission was kinda discreet a gift for her ex-husband whom she had not given any gift during their 10 years of marriage.  That I will work with as soon as possible 'coz i think i have less that a week to work on the busy schedule ahead of me.  

   I also started the art trade with Tet Tet Beltran....(see above pics) and these picture of me below was her reply...perhaps the best rendition of me.... ☺ 

   I'll be talking about the said commission sometime later, as for now it gotta be secret, quite sensitive issue yet the gesture was so sweet. 


Copying art only becomes a problem when there is money involve. 
Sometimes jealousy if you create better copy!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Anything Fancy

on-going coffee art
The problem with word-press is its loading time after all...especially during heavy cyber traffic and here that is around late afternoon. At this very moment while writing this blog, my word-press is still giving me blank page. So now I remember that it's also one of the reason why I halted posting on it. I'm not even sure if it's giving me wider audience share. 

   So for regular sharing I'll still be using Blogger which is far better on this aspect except the other seems to be more formal and it seems Google easily find word-press blog. Or was it just an urban myth?

   I was thinking maybe I should be more aware of my values (mantra?) regarding Random act of kindness and Senseless Beauty. How about posting 4 or five pictures of anything fancy... fascinating images or just anything senseless at all. 
   Oh I'm too busy to think of those busy things going on inside my mind.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Reviving My Word-Press

Since this blog was spontaneous and fragmented most of the time, I think it would be easier to follow my thoughts and directions on a more concise journaling which summarized only important details. A blog with a bit of reflection not only about my artistry but anything that came across my mind. So I need to revive my word-press blog FherZonal View which paused way back in 2011. I've also created another blog for Archiving my artworks Artist Statement of a Random Man.... 
I'm also trying gauge which website will bring me more audience; as well as easy to load webpages since my internet connection is the main problem why I have lesser post by the way. 

Presentation and The Manner of Business

This is my revenue generation so I better take it seriously, I must always realized that this is not just a hobby anymore but my I'm representing my artworks with boarders to show formality. Not all the time though...since editing could take time and my slow internet connection could hamper my marketing move so this is by case to case basis. 
And I say...I'm a business man despite being a freelance visual artist. I don't think that should conflict my creativity and self-expression. I need funding and  guarantee that  I would continually produce artworks. The financial issue will always arise even if you have set goal and worth dying advocacy.