My Health Issues

These heaviness at the back of my neck and entire shoulders had been quite pronounce lately, hard to avoid my coffee intake 'though I am trying to control the cravings but there was just these caffeine influx going on. Holiday food junk also was nagging. I try to divert these junkies against onions, and chewing raw garlic. Plus my gums and tooth aches too. Some kind of luck. I've been an unhealthy eater all my life with above normal smoking habit. If there was a normal dose they would consider. Taking care of my body had not been my priorities in all those years. I was thinking maybe it was far too remote for me...yet now, I am feeling the cause and effect syndrome.

Better start changing my habit.... I don't want to take too much medications nor stress myself with clinical stuff. Now that my career looks brighter and if i want to enjoy more quality time with my children I better start loving myself too. 

There was physical deterioration going on inside me but I wanna give more. These weakens my progress and halting my creative process. 

I will be better next year....I should....

While on my heart to heart talk with God The Father last night, He lead me on these verses....something to remind me for the coming years ahead. Thank you for the enlightenment... hopefully, these reminders would help my friends and family too.
in Jesus name. Selah!!!!


  1. Take care.

    There's a part of me that believes that it's all in the head. I hope the best for you!


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