Events after Events and The 4S Culminating Activity for 2015

Backtrack a little bit from the previous events, one after another. The highlight of these was the 4S gift-giving the 2nd time around...this time for the children of Barangay Panghulo, in Obando, Bulacan  which was held at Mayor Edwin Santos's farm house. It was a nice place where we stay an overnight from Dec was fun-filled despite the fact that there was a typhoon that day and we had a hard time going to the place because of the rain. Actually many of the members didn't attend plus the hectic holiday season also. 

   The Art demo was conducted by Julius Legaspi with mini-contest for kids. That impressionism at the top was for a good friend Master JJ, a little tribute where all the 4S members present that day signed. 

   We awarded certificates of recognition and honors to all the members and sponsors and thankful for the major sponsor Earlene Collis- Smith. And of course the memorable boodle fight....that even though I'm cautious of my food intake I was glad just being there in-front of that gathering.  

   Blessed also that I had face-painting stint with Party Bitz and pieces one after another which sustain my needs and enough extras for the extra expenses for these holiday season. 

A year end gift for the Filipino people also was the crowning of Ms. Philippines' Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach...

Pia sent out a message to her supporters, acknowledging her 3 attempts to win the Bb. Pilipinas crown.
She wrote, "I hope I inspired you. Never give up on your dreams and believe that dreams do come true! Walang susuko! Ang Pilipino, palaban. (No giving up! The Filipino is a fighter.)“

 Prayer is itself The Answer 


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