Commission For an Undying Love...

There you go, I thought I wouldn't have a commission before the year ends but on Dec 15 a message from Ms. L asking how much I charge for portraits so I told her...I thought it was just a casual chit-chat but then she was really serious to have one done for her "estrange" husband. Later I've found out that she was a Lawyer and this body building guy is now living with another woman. After 10 years of marriage she told me it was the second time she will ever give him a Christmas gift. 
   I can feel that she still love him, so I take on the idea to deliver it personally which I did today Dec 22 in ParaƱaque city. Although he refuses to have me taken his photo while holding my work, I can sense with that amazement that he really appreciate the gift.

   It took me some absences again in blogger  because I was truly squeeze with events after events. My hectic sched was a welcome blessings. And in spite some ailments...the usual stuff of back ache and nape heaviness, I was thankful that I was able to deliver what is expected of me.... The highlight was that of Dec 19-20 4S gift-giving and Party in Obando, Bulacan which I must record later.  


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