Art Trade and Commissions....

wip for art trade...

Come to think of it, why the need to authenticate a painting? Because collectors don't buy artworks but the Artist....

    Since there was no obligations at hand but me and the moment, I can face what I want...or so I thought I want. I push myself to paint the family portrait that I've promise even after realizing that the idea is boring to work with...the image has no detail....yet it was sending a good vibes.....

and there was good vibes....commission was kinda discreet a gift for her ex-husband whom she had not given any gift during their 10 years of marriage.  That I will work with as soon as possible 'coz i think i have less that a week to work on the busy schedule ahead of me.  

   I also started the art trade with Tet Tet Beltran....(see above pics) and these picture of me below was her reply...perhaps the best rendition of me.... ☺ 

   I'll be talking about the said commission sometime later, as for now it gotta be secret, quite sensitive issue yet the gesture was so sweet. 


Copying art only becomes a problem when there is money involve. 
Sometimes jealousy if you create better copy!


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