Anything Fancy

on-going coffee art
The problem with word-press is its loading time after all...especially during heavy cyber traffic and here that is around late afternoon. At this very moment while writing this blog, my word-press is still giving me blank page. So now I remember that it's also one of the reason why I halted posting on it. I'm not even sure if it's giving me wider audience share. 

   So for regular sharing I'll still be using Blogger which is far better on this aspect except the other seems to be more formal and it seems Google easily find word-press blog. Or was it just an urban myth?

   I was thinking maybe I should be more aware of my values (mantra?) regarding Random act of kindness and Senseless Beauty. How about posting 4 or five pictures of anything fancy... fascinating images or just anything senseless at all. 
   Oh I'm too busy to think of those busy things going on inside my mind.


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