Closing 2015

When ending are beginnings...

The softness of heavier strokes for me now. After all, I need to scape with the Realistic club...although this divertion turn out to be more real than what I the process of my impressionism grew from coincidences and learning I get from my fellow artist. experience is in fact still the best teacher. 
After joining several contest at 4S I've finally decided I can be a good portraitist. My execution were mostly trying to capture as real as I can although by nature I am incline to be an impressionist.... that's what my fellow artist saw in me...and as I move toward (finally decided) this style I begun to realized that it is more realistic than my Realism attempts. 

While the world are busy creating noises I prefer to stay inside my studio...

The need to express my thoughts....something that I've always wanted to do.... 


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