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The First 4S Gathering for 2015

This is the biggest contingency of Artist we ever had at 4S with guest and sponsors team around 40 pax. The much awaited day of Rakistang Sirena Awarding and on-the-spot event last January 24, 2015. It was held at 4S headquarter in Makati City. 
   Glory to God The Father I won The Oil paint set for on the spot...and the 2nd portrait I've made using the same easel w/c also made me won on-the-spot last year using oil. It was a good decision that I've used oil paint 'coz I've guessed it right that almost everybody would be using either colorpencils, watercolor, or coffee. 
   I'll try to get more pics of this memorable event later.... hopefully.I'm so glad to meet new friends. 

4S Rules!!! 

Unfamiliar Spirits

I've just wrestled with death Thursday morning (Jan. 22) and thought it was the end of me. I've just seen death before my eyes. The powerful name of Jesus brought me back to life. Thank God for a new gift of life...
   I'm not feeling good these past days with heaviness on my neck and shoulder parts..and occasional jolting on my stomach pushing the lower part of my heart with pressured pains. That night of Wednesday just before I went to bed I over ate but I can not fight with my was a mistake that I let the flesh won that moment....I didn't even asked for protection....    I really don't know what happened exactly that early morning but I was struggling with the spirit of death...a heavy black being pressing me.... I made a fight, I shout... my wife Bhel panicked, I heard her caling Elijah, my son jump at me with my wife wrestling me to settle dawn... I was fighting....Elijah described me later as a sort of reptilian creature that time.... my eyes b…

The Final Duty

The final duty of men is Love. In our everyday inter-action we must constantly be in the state of Pure Love. Doing good and being kind is not enough.
   We can give alms to the poor without Love. We can perform excellent job without Love. We can help an old lady cross the street without Love. We can like all the Facebook status without Love. We can even do amazing humanitarian work with No Love. And sometimes people pray without Love.    Jesus actually summarizes the 10 Commandment into just two fold of Love: Love God above all then Love your neighbor.     In the Last Discourse of Jesus in The Book of John He gave a puzzling commandment. Why did He call "Love one another as a new commandment"?  Did it means that There was no Loving one another in the Old testament? It was obvious that Commandment 3 onwards to 10 was about Loving another so what was Jesus talking about?     The answer is by simply looking at the exact word in John 13: 33-36 ‘Little children, I am with you only a l…

Illuminating Mode Again

Once more into research, reading mode and reaffirming my Faith in God. 

   I've been trying to create and set the mood for my artistry these past days....after Lady Samurai I guess I've reach certain level of plateau.... the enthusiasm to do portrait isn't there.... I'm on a Pause mode. Although I did a couple of brush and pencil stroke....

   My digicam broke.... it doesn't even reach a full-month of service. Now I have to look for someone who can repair it. 
   Who would want an argument against millions of hallucinating fanatics? I dare not say anything about it.... I remain silent. But who will tell them if we silence the truth? Maybe we should pray more often for the lost and it is my focus now to Soul-Winning. 

   The not so cooperative internet signal on my area since 2015 enters pushes me search other sites.... pages that I have not visited lately since I've focus on my artistry last year. This year is very significant on my Christian life..... I just knew …

Reflecting on The 10th Part Principles

Just as there are 10 Commandments there's what I like to call the 11th commandment. The giving of the tenth part from all of your increase or gain for God's kingdom here on Earth.  That is giving for the Glory of GOD. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.-- Malachai 3:10   I was somewhat neutral on this issue.... since I don't think this commandment is necessary for a person's salvation, you can still go to heaven without observing this. But I guess if you wish to be materially bless so that you can bless other people too, this principle is absolutely very helpful. We must also put in mind that God want a cheerful giver that's an important ingredients when giving alms or tithe. Now the idea of being a cheerful giver sometimes need assurance that afte…

When Brains Collide

Allow me to mentally process what transpire recently... Dignity and courage were the true measure of a man. 
Just how much are you willing to fight for a cause?    It was an eye-opener....that it isn't about money nor prestige that matter in this world but dignity. Some heroes are actually villain in disguise. It hurts to hear the truth and pride could suck you in...for a purpose that doesn't mean a thing. In everything there are reasons....most of them least, for now.    The learned argue causes while the fools decide them. 

   Recently there had been much controversy going on inside 4S. Finally Pops decided to remove Aubrey from the's a good decision since she had been very inconsistent from the start and had hidden agenda within the group. Now there's no way I would get my prizes. The 4 Season tournament had been a sham and I just wasted my energy on that contest. After more than a year, her maneuvering had to be stop.  

   I prefer not to linger on …

God Bless The Children

I'll be sharing some of the pics from 4S Christmas Party....our free workshop and gift-giving for the Less fortunate children of Marilao, Bulacan. I can not talk much because since last week I'm having bad internet connection due to the windy breeze.... plus my very tight these past days. I feel so bless ☺ The event happened last December 28-29, 2014... 

2015 The Year of Expansion and Greatness !

Beautiful things start within the mind....the purest intentions of your soul are manifested outward. All reality start from choices and intentions. The reverse of all positive thoughts are negative vibes which is also true. Perceptions of anything good or bad are always half-truth. If we teach our heart and mind to see both side of the truth we get the whole picture...the perfect realities. Everything we had in mind are coupled with possibilities and impossibilities. What we had in mind are always in the form of assumptions and guesses....until it became real when we acted on it.     What you don't know is not real and a non-entity....everything outside our mindset are false doctrine and principles. To harness this ability to co-create the world we live in, I am now once again re-directing my brainwave to build a world the way I want it to be. Not the previous thought creations where I have allowed the ruling of evil thoughts most of the times. I will be spending my days and nights…